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  1. A grain of Luck?

    That's pretty awesome that they did that for you. It's great to hear that there is still great customer service out there.
  2. 20gal Sumpless Mixed Reef

    Thanks! The six line is doing great, lots of caves and holes for him to hide in at night, but cruises for pods all day. I originally got him because I had pods the size of hermits and they were eating my zoas! Since I got him, they don't come out when I'm feeding the fish.
  3. Hey all, Figured I'd give an update on my 20 gallon tank. I hadn't really made a tank journal, and previously just posted a couple inhabitants that I had in the setup. So I figured I'd post up what I had, have accomplished and my plans for the future. Equipment: 20gal standard dimensions AC70 with a fuge mod HOB eshoppes skimmer Radion LED (Previously Mazzara Maxspec) Koralia 240 powerhead Hydor 180 powerhead Marineland heater Livestock: Normal CUC Skunk Cleaner Shrimp 6 line wrasse 2 clowns 1 blue chromis Coral: Open Brain Duncans 2 favias hammer frog spawn armor of god zoas radioactive dragon eye zoas blue/green acans Red/pink acans plate coral blue candy canes blue/purple candy canes Monti pora Crocea clam pink birdsnest birdsnest with blue polyps green milli large acro Tri colored acro Current Params: Salinity 1.025 pH 8.2 temp 78 Mg 1340 Ca 445 dKh 8.55 Salt brand I'm using is Red Sea Coral Pro So everything was running pretty good until I moved to a new house and had to move the tank. When I moved it, I had a major cyano outbreak on the sand, but didn't see any issues to the livestock with it, just an unsightly red covering of the nice white sand I have..lol I also have a tri colored acro that got knocked off a rock and fell upside down while I was away on holidays (i know i should have had it plastered down, I do now..lol) I currently dose Ca and Alk daily, and MG once every 3 days. I plan on purchasing a dosing pump, as I don't mind adding manually, however I plan on upgrading to a larger tank in the future, so i'm being really careful on the products that I buy, as I would like to use them with the future setup. Other than that, I skim pretty dry, so i only empty the cup when I do my water change. I do a water change every week, which is around 20-25% of the total tank volume. Here's some pics so enjoy. 1
  4. Alk Dosing Calculation

    Got it figured out. I needed 4.5 teaspoons added. I changed to seachem's reef builder powder after I ran out of Red Sea solution. As for making a 30 day supply, I don't think there is going to be any issue with it. It's no different than the prepared solution that you buy in the lfs.
  5. Alk Dosing Calculation

    Hey everybody, I am going to be using a new chemical for dosing alk and I just need some help with a calculation for a dosing solution. Here's the data: The tanks current consumption of dKh per day is .23dKh Tank volume minus live rock and live sand is ~18.75gal The buffer I am using has a strength of 5g/150L = 1.4dKh (5g=1 teaspoon) I would like to make a 30 day solution dosing 10mL per day. I would like to make a 300mL solution for the 30day supply. If you could help me out with how much I need to mix into the 300mL that would be great. I think it is ~2.5 teaspoons, but I just wanna make sure as tonight was the last day supply of the Red Sea Buffer that I was currently using. Thanks in advance.
  6. Polyp extension on SPS

    Well here's an update of my current issue. I have raised my lights in output to 48% at their maximum during the day. I have also lowered them to 8" above the water as to where they were supposed to be hanging. Mine were quite high before. Things were looking pretty good and I have to say my LPS are freakin huge now...lol. I think everybody is liking it. I did see some more polyp extension off of the sps that I was concerned about. However not too much increase in colour, although I know it will take a bit of time with that. Though one is really looking nice and pink like it did in the store and is losing it's brown colour. Second to that. I did a test on how much elements were being used in the tank, as well, I thought I would increase the elements back to where they were when I started the tank with my Red Sea Coral Pro Salt. So far I have upped the Ca to 445ppm, the Mg is at 1340ppm, and the dKh is up to 8.4. On that note, as soon as I hit the 8 mark with my dKh the colours all of a sudden popped on the sps that I have been concerned with. I am going to be bringing the dKh up to 11-12 as per the red sea suppliment program that I am using, as well the Ca will be 460, and the Mg will be 1390. I am currently in the process of upping these throughout this week. If things look good I will increase the light slightly after I get my params where I want them. I did notice that I have a high use of alk in my tank throughout the week as it dropped from 8 to 6.4 over the week (this was when I did the test over 7 days to figure out my dosing regime). Anywho, just thought I'd let you guys know things are looking a bit better and I am hopefully on the road to recovery!!
  7. Radion Lighting Suggestions

    Already spent the cash. Just looking for support on some recommended programs for my mixed reef.. Now the pockets are alot lighter...lol
  8. Hey everybody, I'm just looking to get some suggestions on the radion settings for my 20 gal. I have a mixed reef, and I am looking at adjusting the lighting as my sps has a brown hue to them. I have them at 38% max and I am running them in artificial mode. Any suggestions on the programming would be great. Thanks.
  9. Polyp extension on SPS

    You bet. It was acclimated to the radions at the previous settings and looked okay. Update though, as soon as I got home from work I cut back the lighting back to it's previous settings and the polyps came out slightly within about a 1/2 hr. I'm going to leave it where it is until I can get some Ca and Mg suppliments to begin dosing and raising params where they would be optimal. I'll let you guys know when I start to increase everything and let you know how it goes.
  10. Polyp extension on SPS

    The flow is pretty good where they are located. Not laminar and nice and turbulent, but not too much. Maybe the hammer is not looking too good because it's getting too much light. It's on top of another piece of LR getting alot of light, I might have to relocate it. I just find it funny that after the most recent addition of SPS, the older tri colored accro is having issues. I do need to get some suppliments going as I already do a 20% water change every week. I'm probably going to order tomorrow. Can I add some buffer alone to bring up the alk a bit withouth working with the mag and cal?
  11. Polyp extension on SPS

    I have it on the artificial setting. I did have the lighting max at 35%, however I did bump it up to 40%. I never even thought of that. Maybe I should cut back the lighting!!! Come to think of it, things were really good up until around that time, which was around a week or so ago. Any other ideas would be great guys. Mitch, I am going to reduce the lighting back to 35% at the brightest time of day and reduce the rest of the curve back to where they were. That would be weird to have my 1st choice as the best setting for everything.
  12. Polyp extension on SPS

    Hey everybody, I was just looking for some recommendations as to helping out 2 of my SPS corals. Here's some history on the tank. It is 9 months old. 20 gal high Running an AC70 with fuge mod with Live rock, chaeto, and chemi pure elite. 1 koralia 240 1 hydor 180 Eshoppes HOB skimmer Radion LED's I have a variety of LPS, 3 SPS, and a clam in it for coral. I have 2 clowns and a six line wrasse in it for fish. Then the normal cleanup crew (Snails, hermits). Recently I moved my tank back in July and had an issue with Cyano due to disturbing the sand bed. That however has been gone for about 2 weeks now. To combat this I had added the skimmer and the AC70 with Chaeto, live rock , and added chemi pure elite. I was running a marineland penguin filter without the bio wheel prior and it had the carbon in the filters at the time. What is going on is I have a slimer that has crazy polyp extension and looks great, however my tri colored acro recently has not had the extions it had before and it looks like some of the polyps are gone, just a small hole in it's place. The other Acro that I have used to have some small polyp extension, but they are completely retracted now. The color on the acro looks like it is browning a bit, and the tri colored acro still looks nice and pink. Everything else looks great and the clam is definitely growing as I can see new shell development. I am using Red Sea Coral Pro salt. My params are as follows: Ca 410 Mg 1280 dkH 7 pH 8.2 Nitrates 0 (yes I know there probably is some, but my test looks good..lol) Ammonia 0 Phosphates 0 (though there is a slight color change so there is definitely residual) Temp 78 One thing that I also noticed is that my hammer doesn't look like it is as full as usual either. Just looking for any suggestions as to what could be my issue, or to help point me in the right direction. Do you think that I should run my skimmer on a timer rather than 24h? Should I get rid of the AC70 and put the marineland penguin back on there? ( I didn't run the bio wheel). Am I able to dose buffer ( I have red sea buffer) to raise the dkH without dosing for Ca and Mg? Some buffer came with a dkH test so I have it, just not Ca or Mg (I live in a small town around 3hrs away from a saltwater store..lol. However I could order some in) Thanks a bunch.
  13. Cyano after Tank Move?

    I do 25% changes once a week. I did do 2 changes in 2 days shortly after my initial post with this. But that's it.
  14. Cyano after Tank Move?

    Hey everybody. Just thought I'd give an update on the cyano iissue i had. It seems that after monitoring it and ensuring it wasn't causing an issue for any morals on the sand bed, keeping up with my water changes, and keeping consistent feeding times, the problem is completely gone. I do believe it was from disturbing the deep sand bed i have all at once that had caused the problem. Anyhow, so as u can tell i never did anything drastic to try and rid of the problem, as many others have said nothing good happens fast in a reef, and just let it run its cycle. I didn't even suck up any of it when doing a water change.
  15. 2 SPS ID required

    Hey guys, Here's 2 more SPS that I have in my tank that I'd like an ID on. Thanks a bunch.