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  1. Matt's JBJ 45 Rimless

    waiting on my light
  2. Matt's JBJ 45 Rimless

    Hi guys, I wanted to start a build thread for my new set up I'm working on. I decided to "downgrade" my 90 to a JBJ 45 Rimless set up. I'm still waiting for a few items to arrive but here is the equipment list: AI Hydra 26 HD with flex mount Sicce 1.5 return pump with two Hydor Flo's Tunze 9004 Skimmer 2-Aqamai KPS circulation pumps Smart ATO Micro Hydor Theo 200 watt heater DIY stand I will be running the stock media baskets with some filter floss and Pond Matrix. Photos are soon to follow, just waiting for everything to get here and to get the front of the stand finished.
  3. help lighting my new tank

    Oh no it works fine but Ive never had a new light and since I was "downgrading" from a 90 to this I wanted to go all new and get exactly what I wanted
  4. help lighting my new tank

    Ah, was going to say I have a diy fixture with a Lumia 5.2 chip and storm controller that would work great however it won't be a "pretty" a fixture as the kessil.
  5. help lighting my new tank

    What size tank? I may be able to help
  6. help lighting my new tank

    Ordered the Hydra 26 last night. Now I need to find a schedule. I was using the lps/softie program with the gen 1 radions but they didn't have as many colors as these.
  7. help lighting my new tank

    Thanks for the input. I found a used Hydra 52 I'm trying to get but it may be spoken for if not then I'll go 26. Ai really needs to revamp their coverage ratings. There's just no way all three lights have the same coverage area when each one is doubling the pucks over the previous and spacing them slightly apart.
  8. help lighting my new tank

    I just set up a JBJ 45 it has a display area of 26 wide, 16 front to back and 19 deep. I think I am going to go with Aqua Illumination but can't decide between the Prime HD, Hydra 26 HD or the Hydra 52 HD. I'm sure the 52 is overkill but all three rate the coverage as 24x24 from what I'm seeing. I would like to go with the Prime due to cost but am not sure if it is enough coverage for my tank. It is a mixed reef with low light SPS up top and a mix of LPS and Softies from the middle down. Can someone with any experience with these chime in please. I don't want to waste the money on the Hydra if a Prime HD will be fine. I guess I could always try one Prime then add another later coverage was an issue. Thanks guys, Matt
  9. 2-Radion XR30w

    Would trade for 2 ai prime or a hydra 26. I'm downgrading my 90 to a 45 jbj and just need some light for that that can use a gooseneck style mount. Thanks, Matt
  10. Wtb Tunze 9004

    Looking for a tunze 9004 or similar to go in my JBJ RL-45 I'm setting up. Thanks, Matt
  11. 2-Radion XR30w

    I have 2 Radion XR30w Gen 1 with tir lenses and wide angle lenses $400 shipped May trade for xr15 with rms
  12. WTB RMS for XR30

    Hi all, I am looking for a RMS for a Radion XR30 asap. I have $ or trade items just let me know. Text is a much faster reply for me 904-254-1313 Thanks guys Matt
  13. LED, Sump & Filstar

    I did not. Had some bites but nothing ever worked out
  14. LED, Sump & Filstar

    Still have this light up for sale
  15. Macro algae reactor