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  1. whisnantrider

    Torn Between 3 Lights

    I didn't want to try to sell you on something that you didn't want but I agree with GraniteReefer the AI Prime HD is probably the best option or a used Prime Non HD if you really want to keep your expense as low as possible. I have an AI Hydra 26 HD that I really like. I have been curious about the Kessil A80 as well and its $130 new so not much more in the grand scheme of this hobby.
  2. whisnantrider

    Torn Between 3 Lights

    Out of the 3 you listed I would probably go with the Aquamaxx. Looking at the descriptions from the links it seemed to be the most controllable and im sure would be plenty of light for that tank.
  3. whisnantrider

    IceCap IK vs 3K Gyre for Biocube 29 Gal

    I had a maxpect xf230 which was to much for my 45. I just got the 1K yesterday and the amount of flow it puts out is stupid. It's more than enough to over power your biocube if you wanted. It's also quiter than my 230 was. I don't here this 1K at all.
  4. whisnantrider

    Wavemaker for Lagoon 25

    I 2nd that and have two KPS and they were really good. I just swapped to the Ice cap 1k just for a change but the Aqamai are really nice and half the price of the mp10 but they don't move water the same way as the mp10.
  5. whisnantrider

    Aquamaxx hob 1.5 or wait for the K1 Nano from Icecap ?

    I've been debating this same thing the past few days lol. Marine Depot just had the k1 but not the hob 1.5 the other day and I see they are out of both now. Bummer... Have you looked at the tunze skimmers at all? I have the 9004 right now and it's a good skimmer but I've grown bored and want to try something else.
  6. whisnantrider

    MP10 vs IM Wavelink vs Aqamai Wave Pump

    I second that. I've had all of the above and not only is the KPS not even remotely related to the Jebao but the virtevh is far from the best. They are very good but have they're issues and are double the price of every pump mentioned. Bottom line is you won't go wrong with either of them. They all have pros and cons and one doesn't out weigh any if the others.
  7. whisnantrider

    MP10 vs IM Wavelink vs Aqamai Wave Pump

    Id be down for a trade. I'll shoot you a pm. We
  8. whisnantrider

    MP10 vs IM Wavelink vs Aqamai Wave Pump

    I ran 2 Aqamai KPS pumps in my JBJ 45. I really liked them and they were not difficult to program at all they have some preset programs that are nice to. This weekend will be a year since installing them and both of the original units have failed. Completly dead. One was purchased at my LFS and the other Marine Depot. That said Hydor was very prompt on sending replacement units. There have been some sort of changes because both replacement pumps had different wire connections from the original units. The first replacement is now about 6 months old and doesn't show any signs of failure. The second is still new in the box. Yesterday I replaced them with an IceCap 1K gyre. I haven't decided yet what I am going to do with the Aqamai pumps because even with the failure they are still nice pumps.
  9. whisnantrider

    Matt's JBJ 45 Rimless

    waiting on my light
  10. whisnantrider

    Matt's JBJ 45 Rimless

    Hi guys, I wanted to start a build thread for my new set up I'm working on. I decided to "downgrade" my 90 to a JBJ 45 Rimless set up. I'm still waiting for a few items to arrive but here is the equipment list: AI Hydra 26 HD with flex mount Sicce 1.5 return pump with two Hydor Flo's Tunze 9004 Skimmer 2-Aqamai KPS circulation pumps Smart ATO Micro Hydor Theo 200 watt heater DIY stand I will be running the stock media baskets with some filter floss and Pond Matrix. Photos are soon to follow, just waiting for everything to get here and to get the front of the stand finished.
  11. whisnantrider

    help lighting my new tank

    Oh no it works fine but Ive never had a new light and since I was "downgrading" from a 90 to this I wanted to go all new and get exactly what I wanted
  12. whisnantrider

    help lighting my new tank

    Ah, was going to say I have a diy fixture with a Lumia 5.2 chip and storm controller that would work great however it won't be a "pretty" a fixture as the kessil.
  13. whisnantrider

    help lighting my new tank

    What size tank? I may be able to help
  14. whisnantrider

    help lighting my new tank

    Ordered the Hydra 26 last night. Now I need to find a schedule. I was using the lps/softie program with the gen 1 radions but they didn't have as many colors as these.
  15. whisnantrider

    help lighting my new tank

    Thanks for the input. I found a used Hydra 52 I'm trying to get but it may be spoken for if not then I'll go 26. Ai really needs to revamp their coverage ratings. There's just no way all three lights have the same coverage area when each one is doubling the pucks over the previous and spacing them slightly apart.