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  1. The kessil's are sweet, I've recently gotten my hands on radions and so far I like them on my 90. I think paring them with the vortech pumps and reeflink would be really nice, you'd have full customizability of your lights and pump from your phone! that's pretty cool in my book, totally unnecessary but freakin' cool. That said, I still liked the DIY Lumia 5.2 leds, if you aren't scared of DIY they can get some great colors and growth.
  2. I have something similar with some of my mind blower palys, its not completely separated like yours is though. Pretty cool, this is one of the things I love about the hobby is you never really know what to expect.
  3. CNCReef is the brand, I think they used to be a vendor here but I can't find their website anymore.
  4. Cut it down from a larger one. Cant remember the brand.
  5. Just modified the posting but for some reason I can not delete some photos but just to clarify the first 3 items are what I have left
  6. Prices lowered Lights $125 shipped RENA $50 shipped
  7. Mag12 sold.
  8. Thank you! Skimmer sold.
  9. Forgot to mention I am looking for a Gyre xf-130/230 or Mp40QD if anyone is interested in a trade/partial trade with $ on my end.
  10. I had some time this weekend to completely redesign the LED light to something more appealing. The LED is a CREE Lumia 5.2 70watt Full Spectrum 5 channel CREE LED from ledgroupbuy.com the chip alone is $108.50 right now on the website. The heat sink measures 6.5" x 4". It uses Mean Well drivers and a storm controller(extra orange housing included). This light is plug and play ready for someone that is looking for a completely programmable light. I am very happy with the results of this rebuild but I do not have a tank to use this on or I would not sell it! It mounts via an included goose neck tank mount. This light can get insanely bright, the controller allows for adjustment of each channel from 0 to 255 for you to completely fine tune your color and the LED chip rated at a coverage of 24" x 24' x 24" but I think it would be perfectly fine on a slightly larger tank with no center brace. I ran two of these chips on my 65 reef(36x18x24 with center brace) running all color channels at 100, the white channel at 10 and had really good results. I am asking $145 shipped but open to offers Rena Filstar XP3 SOLD 29" sump SOLD I can not get the following pictures to delete but these items are NO LONGER AVAILABLE
  11. Original post updated
  12. 8, 15 and Mag pending
  13. What ^he said. Check out an RW-4 for that 8 gallon.
  14. PRICE DROP BUMP $5 off each