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  1. Would trade for 2 ai prime or a hydra 26. I'm downgrading my 90 to a 45 jbj and just need some light for that that can use a gooseneck style mount. Thanks, Matt
  2. Looking for a tunze 9004 or similar to go in my JBJ RL-45 I'm setting up. Thanks, Matt
  3. I have 2 Radion XR30w Gen 1 with tir lenses and wide angle lenses $400 shipped May trade for xr15 with rms
  4. Hi all, I am looking for a RMS for a Radion XR30 asap. I have $ or trade items just let me know. Text is a much faster reply for me 904-254-1313 Thanks guys Matt
  5. I did not. Had some bites but nothing ever worked out
  6. Still have this light up for sale
  7. Sold
  8. Bump
  9. I sent you a PM
  10. Hi guys and gals, I have a set of Radion Gen 1 XR30W with the TIR lenses and was considering switching to kessil or back to a diy Lumia 5.2 setup. I found someone that that wants to trade two kessil a360we with the controller for my two radion gen 1s. Do you guys think the kessil would be a better setup on for a standard 90 (48x18x24) mixed reef or would I just stick with the radions. I read good things about the growth and shimmer of the kessils but I see people wanting to change to the radions to. Best I can tell it's because of the controllability of the radions channels. The only thing I'm super interested in controlling is sunrise, sunset and being able to get a little more blue than the typical factory settings. What do you guys think stick with the radions or take the plunge? I've never been particularly partial to one brand these radions just came with the tank when I bought it so it's not like I chose them. Would like I put from someone that has maybe experienced both systems. As a side note one thing that bugs the crap out of me about the radions is that NO MATTER what I do one is a slightly different color/brightness than the other. It's a subtle difference but it's def there. Seems like the older ones sometimes ran into this with different batches of leds??... Thanks, Matt
  11. Hi all, This is was a project I tried for growing chaeto since I don't have a fuge area and it worked well but I just don't want to run it anymore. Phosban 550 reactor with a maxi-jet 1200 feed pump (the quiet ones not the crappy new ones) and the Accell Aquatics water proof LED MarineDepot sells for this purpose. There's about two feet of tubing on each side and the ball valve that comes with the reactor. I think I have a few little pieces and stuff that came with the reactor I will include. I liked this design over other reactors because it could just hang on the side of my sump or tank if I chose. Asking $85 shipped obo. Would also consider trade for brs mini reactor or similar.
  12. Price lowered to $125 shipped
  13. The kessil's are sweet, I've recently gotten my hands on radions and so far I like them on my 90. I think paring them with the vortech pumps and reeflink would be really nice, you'd have full customizability of your lights and pump from your phone! that's pretty cool in my book, totally unnecessary but freakin' cool. That said, I still liked the DIY Lumia 5.2 leds, if you aren't scared of DIY they can get some great colors and growth.
  14. I have something similar with some of my mind blower palys, its not completely separated like yours is though. Pretty cool, this is one of the things I love about the hobby is you never really know what to expect.
  15. CNCReef is the brand, I think they used to be a vendor here but I can't find their website anymore.