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  1. Chemi Pure Elite

    Can you post the dimensions of the chamber it occupies in said basket? I'm starting to wonder if this is classified information or something LOL... just want to check dimensions of yet another AIO plan I've been working on.
  2. Chemi Pure Elite

  3. SOB - DIY Rear Sump

    Hmmm... not terribly encouraging. Might work, might not... Anybody else tested this empirically? This is probably the best way to go (especially with a rimless tank) but requires glass fabrication at which point I may as well build the whole tank to the desired size and use an acrylic insert for the filtration. No need for the glass add-on compartment to have its own wall in this scenario. All it needs is three sides and a bottom with the open side siliconed directly to the back of the tank itself. Standard bulkheads with elbows would work perfectly.
  4. Chemi Pure Elite

    Holy resurrected threads Batman! Does anyone know the third dimension for the 6.5 oz bag? Or have dimensions for a chamber in which this bag fits?
  5. SOB - DIY Rear Sump

    Rollermonkey I've been living vicariously on NR for months and still tankless LOL. Cool QT. I thought about a skimmer box/utube siphon overflow with an over the rim return like an Aquaclear just as you are Grumbles, but that kinda takes the fun out of it for me aesthetically. I don't want the taller rear box you'd need for the return flow. There are few nice builds of this variety floating around, e.g. this one, this one, and this one. Straydog, would it be possible to just use a single bulkhead that seals against the interior glass of the tank and the interior acrylic wall of the sump both? It looks like there would be enough thread on one of these bulkheads (pictured below) to span both the glass and acrylic, if a second gasket could be used to seal it on the sump side as well. Needless to say I'm not at all familiar with bulkheads so there's another area for research. But I'm willing to bet this could be made to work by cobbling together the right parts, say in a 1" size for this application. Any plumbing experts who have advice on this have my thanks in advance. What would you recommend for the input and output sides to make this work, if anything? A. 68mm/2.67" B. 63mm/2.67" C. 42mm/1.65"
  6. SOB - DIY Rear Sump

    I was looking at the Mr. Aqua 7.5g cube (12 x 12 x 12) and thought it would be cool to build an acrylic "rear sump" AIO compartment similar to a HOB, but with the same dimensions as the rear wall so that it would sit on the same surface but outside the tank itself. I guess we could call this an SOB. I want a small AIO tank... I've designed a few but worry about fabrication as I have no skills in that area, and would prefer to use an off the shelf tank. The problem is that the AIO options in this pico size tend to be quite narrow front to back with the rear filtration chamber taking up so much space (for example, the Cadlights 8G, the IM Nuvo 8, and the JBJ Nano Cube RL 8). The Pico Manta is just about right but I'm trying to shave $$$ for the lighting system. This rear sump would allow for a lot more front to back depth. Surely this has been done? I was thinking about building and attaching this acrylic box to the tank via two bulkheads left and right. Obviously the tank would have to be drilled. The left would be something like a typical gl*ssholes overflow skimmer but with the exterior fitting flowing directly into the rear sump compartment instead of being plumbed to a sump below the stand. The right bulkhead would consist of the usual return with an exterior hose from the pump sitting in the rear chamber. The rest would be the usual AIO baffles divvying up chambers for skimmer, media, or refugium, etc. Would something like this work? What about water migrating between the tank and acrylic wall of the sump? Maybe it's been done but I don't find anyone showing this kind of setup. This seems like a way to get more room from an existing tank without the risk of royally f'ing up an attempt to build my own. I know that the usual solution is an AC 50/70/110 but would like to squeeze a few more goodies into this filter area than those products would allow while keeping it all as invisible as possible.
  7. RO/DI for drinking AND reef?

    These are great links, thanks again for taking time to post them. Are there any major differences b/w the $150 drinking water add-on from Spectrapure and the $60 system from Purely H2O? If not I could come in at around $200... Then again the whole shebang from H20 Splash Water Filters is only $180. What's involved in splitting off the drinking line to the faucet before it hits the DI? I wonder whether I can use portions of my existing RO system for this, there's both a bladder/tank and a faucet that we've used for some years. The trouble is that I think the tank may be hosed, I'm going to look for a way to verify this. I can only guess that it doesn't hold pressure. The system won't produce more than a few ounces of water at a time, and you'll get a few more ounces a few minutes later. I took apart the system and cleaned it not long ago and refreshed all the filters and RO membrane and it worked for several days before crapping out again. But it would be great if I could ensure the tank and tap work and could transplant them to a new system. The Spectrapure looks hard to beat for the cost of the reconditioned unit.
  8. RO/DI for drinking AND reef?

    Nope, not what I'm asking. It was most definitely a long post and not for everyone; feel free to take a pass. No need to formulate further responses to the ridiculously time consuming OP. I can get flouride free drinking water???? I'll pay extra LOL. It seems there is ample reason to split the two supplies? LOL Please enlighten me. AZDesertRat: Great response, I will have a look through these and try to better inform myself. Thanks for your help!
  9. Moved, please close

    Sorry I moved this while you were replying! Thanks for chiming in. I probably should have waited for a mod to move it... another vote for Spectrapure.
  10. I'm in the market for a new water filtration system. I haven't had a reef tank in many years, but have been finalizing plans to get a nano of ~ 15-20 gallons up and running this Summer. Budget and space dictate a DO/RI system that will provide drinking water (preferably with a reservoir under the kitchen sink, like my current setup) with a separate supply line for the tank. I am having a hard time making sense of what I'm reading from previous threads and vendors alike... some questions in no particular order... 1. I have only seen one such "hybrid system" thus far, and that's from BRS here. Yet I've read a lot of posts from AZDesertRat and others about the Spectrapure systems which suggest that the long term cost of ownership and arguably superior filters make one of these units a better choice. Does Spectrapure make a drinking/reef hybrid like this? I've browsed their website but the product descriptions are largely over my head and I don't see anything like this. Are there other vendors I should be looking at as well? 2. If I were to install such a unit, it sounds as though I'd want to T the drinking line off before the reef line to avoid TDS buildup? Assuming that's true, if I plumbed a direct line to the tank from the RO/DI for ATO, how would the supply best be controlled? I am only familiar with float switches and the like to activate an air or water pump, would I use a float valve for this application? And if I were to invest in a Reef Angel or similar controller, would these systems interface in any way? I can only guess that no electrical control would be necessary since line pressure would make a pump unnecessary? Please forgive the noob questions, I've installed two filtration systems for drinking water in my home and two rudimentary ATO systems (my favorite used a cheap digital timer and a $5 air pump) but have no experience with how these systems play together. I want a solid system that will last and provide not only top notch drinking water but also top notch top off water for this imaginary tank that continues to shimmer on the horizon.
  11. Moved, please close

    Moved to the equipment forum, here
  12. Tips on building a custom rimless tank?

    Is this due the total volume/weight, or the 36" length? What is the largest tank size which you'd recommend constructing with the sides resting on top of the bottom plate? Sorry for the hijack...
  13. Jamie's 1G Jar Pico

    How's this wee "tank" coming along? I'm interested in doing something similar and curious about the balance you have with this mix of critters. Pics?
  14. Custom Look CadLights 50Long

    Kudos for sticking to your guns and making sure that your custom tank order is to spec. As it should be! That's the definition of custom yes? It seems to me that there are more than the usual number of suspect vendors in this particular hobby, when I compare the horror stories here and elsewhere to experiences with forum members in my other hobbies (principally photography and motorcycling). Naturally, every vendor makes mistakes from time to time, it comes down to whether and how those mistakes are addressed. I love everything about this build... the fabulous sump, control board layout, and water change system among other details. Your attention to detail is very inspirational. Best wishes on the success of it!
  15. redfishsc, that's a lovely tank. Do you have blues and whites dialed up uniformly? I ask because if so it seems like a good reference point for a 2B:1W (N+CW) ratio along with others I've seen. I'm aiming for a warmer and more "yellow" color temp. Milad, I misunderstood you to mean that there was a 3UP DR+TQ+RB LED. I think the 2RB/1W 3UP is a bit heavy on the blue side for what I'm trying to achieve, but seems like a great choice for others who like this look (as redfishsc above) And lastly, thanks Dave for the tip on PLEDs. I think. Off for more research...