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  1. Got Rock Now What

    Fill it with water i bet most if not all the scratches dissapere
  2. 3 corals to be identified

    You should throw everything away and actully read so you kow what your doing sure i dont no everything but i always check what im getting into your just wasting life for no reason
  3. Help getting rid of amphipods!

    Why save the water? Just mix up new water. There's no reason for the extra risk.
  4. Paint

    Krylon fusion...
  5. I kinda wanna see it....
  6. GE 100% silicone bonds plastics?

    The first description you even bolded this part said for use above waterline.... to me that just basically says where there's not a lot of pressue so seems like it would come apart after water pressue is on it for awhile
  7. F/S Frag Tank 18"x18"x6" $120 Shipped

    18x18x6 is 8.42 gallons
  8. Our Designer Heatsinks are almost here!

    Thanks. Trying to figure what my cost will be on this.
  9. first order couldnt be happier!

    Okay I lied just started counting there's 60+ in there
  10. Just got my snails. I orderd a total of 8 snails. Sent double everything I ordered except the cerths there's about 30+ of them. They have only been in the tank for a couple minutes and most are already moving. Great service. Will DEFINITELY be ordering from you again. Thanks.
  11. Our Designer Heatsinks are almost here!

    What size heatsink would you recommend for a 20 long?
  12. 5th order

    My box should be here from him today can't wait
  13. Mantis Shrimp Story

    Post a pic. I wanna see the new guy.
  14. Meandering Musings From The Mind Matrix

    Ahh green trees you lucky wish I had the money to get a pair of those.