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  1. Euphyllia's Greenhouse - Highland Jungle

    Sweet! I found out about them on a Tillandsia site... I have been reading about them for awhile.
  2. Euphyllia's Greenhouse - Highland Jungle

    I'm starting a Nepenthes Collection soon. Glad I found this thread. Very inspiring
  3. Chase's JBJ sexy pico! (RIP)

    YEah not very close
  4. Chase's JBJ sexy pico! (RIP)

  5. Chase's JBJ sexy pico! (RIP)

    Honestly, I got bored and I am going to be very busy this summer with college planning and trips to Texas, my future home! I will start a new tank here in winter this year..
  6. Chase's JBJ sexy pico! (RIP)

    Hello and goodbye my fellow reefers.... Today was the day I sold this bad boy to an awesome local reefer. I will be back with my 55gal. So long for now
  7. Pod under microscope

    I believe so
  8. Pod under microscope

    Sorry for the quality! I rigged my iPhone to my old microscope that my Bio teacher gave me! here is some cool videos I thought were interesting! Here is a pic.
  9. Chase's JBJ sexy pico! (RIP)

  10. Chase's JBJ sexy pico! (RIP)

    Trading some zoas later on... Whoa!
  11. ID this fish PLZ?

    Looks like a cold water goby I saw not to long ago... Ill look for the name!
  12. Schlitter's Picotope updated 5/16

    Looking good!
  13. I got a new pet today

    Pretty sure he is a C. Ornata.
  14. I got a new pet today

    I I like the pacman video! My pacman will be 16 in July!
  15. What are these little guys?

    Thank you! holy crap I was kind scared...