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  1. Thanks for the interest everyone, just not comfortable shipping things.
  2. Sorry for the delay, work has had me really busy. If there is no interest here locally, I may be forced to ship items. bump?
  3. Sorry for the short message, I guess I should have been more specific. I'm selling everything I own, which is way too much to really go through to be honest, but what I can say is I have 2 "setups".......if you're interested in everything, i'm asking $600 OBO, if not then $300 a piece OBO? 10 Gallon, barebottom, live rock, various zoa's, 10+ head green frogspawn, kenya tree and green ricordia's. 1 orange/white Ocelaris, 1 black/white Ocelaris, 1 royal gramma and 2 blue legged crabs and various asterina starfish. Reef Radiance DM-155e light, Hydor mini intank protein skimmer, 2 koralia 425 pumps connected to hydor wavemaker, BRS RO/DI 75gpd unit with TDS meter and various buckets/containers. 40B is painted black back, 700gph glass-holes overflow with 2 loc-line returns, sicce return pump (think i have 2 different kind), 2 Par38 bulbs with goosenecks, 20L DIY 3 chamber sump, SCA-301 protein skimmer,BRS dual media reactor with MJ1200, 60lbs? of macro rocks and some more stuff I'm sure i'm forgetting.
  4. As the title states, I'm leaving the hobby for some time. I'll be moving soon out of state and all the traveling I've been doing has really taken a toll on my corals and fish. I'm down to 2 Ocelaris (Female orange and white and Male black & white) and 1 Royal Gramma. I moved earlier in 2014 and had to put them in a 10 gallon tank while I finished my 40 Breeder, but now it looks like I'll have to sell everything. I've got various items in storage and at the house I'll have to get rid of. Mainly my drilled 40 Breeder, DIY sump, SCA-301 Protein Skimmer, BRS media reactor and RO/DI unit. EVERYTHING must go. So there are too many items to list and I'm not really looking to ship anything, so if you are local to the Central Florida area please let me know if you are interested. I've got tons of stuff!!! Here is a picture so you get an idea of the tanks and stands. Someone is going to get a really, really, really great deal!
  5. Mangrove Forest-time to say goodbye

    Darn heaters will get you EVERY time!
  6. Mangrove Forest-time to say goodbye

    This totally sucks! This has been one of my all time favorest tanks/builds!
  7. Vicki's 40B.

    Looks awesome! Similar in style of the stand as the one I made as well. Can't wait to see it completed
  8. Reef Confessions

    I've never QT'd anything I've never "dipped" anything I've never kept a cover on any of my tanks I've never cared about putting my hand in the tank (or anything else for that matter) I've flicked my clown fish almost every time she bites at me I don't care about the GHA on the back of my tank (I think it looks cool) I don't care I should fasten my frags down, I have no more spots for them I know my tank if overstocked, but I know I can still fit one more frag
  9. Mojado's 40-Breeder build - now w/FTS

    OK, makes sense.........sorry it took me so long to respond, but I haven't been on here in a week. Thanks for the response! I have a Sicce 2.0, which is about 300 gph and too low for the overflow, which I tested today and was utterly disappointed with. I guess I'll follow suit and get a 3.0 as you, as I noticed this pump to be super quiet. Thanks again Mojado!!!
  10. Mojado's 40-Breeder build - now w/FTS

    How does the difference in gph between the overflow and your return pump work? I thought you had to get a pump that was rated at 700gph? I have the same overflow, but have 2 returns, so I thought I have to get an even stronger return pump. Is that right?
  11. Mojado's 40-Breeder build - now w/FTS

    How's the tank doing? Any recent pics?
  12. =O WOW, what a steal!! if I didn't already have a 40B, it'd buy this asap........GLWS
  13. I don't see what kind of LED's these are on the website, what kind are they?
  14. WOW, sounds like a steal! GLWS free bump