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  1. Feeding a Hi Fin Red Banded Goby

    You can feed them with a baster for sure. I have not tried tweezers
  2. Feeding a Hi Fin Red Banded Goby

    Goby is doing great and his companion pistol shrimp too. wow almost a year now...
  3. One Year Newb Know More

    I started nano reefing about a year ago and wanted to share my progress. I will be doing my first fragging tomorrow of my toadstool and possibly my hammer if I can figure it out since it only has one huge head. I am building a new frag tank around a 20 gallon dollar per gallon tank from Petco with about 300 dollars worth of supplies. What am i going to do with all these frags (assuming I make a bunch)? i will give them out for free I guess if people will pay for shipping and handling. Just have so much fun doing this...
  4. Anyone have a suggestion or a part I can replace my ballast with (part number 82002). Sons of #####es trying to get 50 bucks for that part... Really? I saw an upgrade video but it didn't mention the replacement parts names or where I could get them as far as I could tell. I would like to get my lights back on and then focus on doing that upgrade from the video I saw so looking for a deal. I can only power one light... which is more important the actinic or the 10,000k? I am guessing the 10,000...
  5. WTH is this

    Some sort of eggs I guess on my glass cleaner. Anyone know what type or how they need to get fertilized (not volunteering)? really artistic looking.... Guessing from the size it would have to be from a larger creature like my clown or a turbo snail? Somebody will know this and thanks in advance
  6. best placement for my frogspawn?

    I put mine in the highest place i could find to make the most of the stock lighting. Also in the middle towards the back so the water flow wouldn't shred it. Seems to be very happy.
  7. Good SWF stores in Sacramento area?

    I did go to Your Reef and got some sweet zoanthids: Purple Death, Nuclear Green, Something Orange, Something Bright Pink in the center, and a couple of cool blue ones. The owner gave me a pretty good deal.
  8. Something odd in my tank

    Would not recommend squishing them with bare hands for sure. Could be full of poison
  9. Cleaner Shrimp Reputation

    My perppermint shrimp started munching my corals. Did a little research and turned out to be a camel shrimp. Had to tear my tank apart to get to it. I have had 2 or 3 real peppermints without a problem.
  10. Will be traveling through the Sacremento area on the way back from spring break and was hoping to land some nice frags since the choices in Reno are very limited. Anyone familiar with the LFS's in the area and can make a recommendation? I will be lucky if the wife gives me time to stop at one place
  11. Identify my zoanthids

    They look similar to yours. I'll try to get a better picture. Thanks
  12. Identify my zoanthids

    I have three different zoanthinds all titled "Dragon eyes" when I bought them. I have been to the zoa website(s) but still cannot identify them due to poor vision and color blindness. If anyone can help identify these for me thank you very much. The last picture is a mixture and the ones in questions are the browner ones towards the top.
  13. heh yeah murphy's law in full effect. I plan on setting everything up tomorrow (new filters, purigen, chemipure, ammo chips, removing the skimmer) a week before I actually leave. I still plan on stuff going wrong because it always does. Murphy's law and fish tanks are way too likely to happen. Do the best I can. At least I can see my tank in HD on my iPhone and call in the wolf if need be. Might have to pay that wolf but if Oscar and Felix (high fin goby and pistol shrimp) look happy on the video I wont have to. However if I didn't have that video feed on the phone I would have to buy 2 way tickets back and forth to our vacation destinations daily which would probaly lead to a divorce and or worse.... heheh hehhe j/k but not really
  14. My neighbors suck. heh heh
  15. I think i could survive a week without food but wouldn't that be pretty much like torture? What is worse a feeding block potentially contaminating the tank or starving fish I love for 6 days? I have a lot of white bugs in the tank. I guess my fish can eat those if they are smart enough to pick them off. Guess I'll pay my parents off to come feed them. I can watch them on my iPhone and probaly will to a fault...... Sigh god has a tough job LOL Not worried about my corals at all... soft corals rule!!