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  1. 10 gallon Desk tank

    @ JasonG75 its a regular 10 gallon tank, i made the cornor overflow box out of a 6" pvc pipe and inside i put my filtration media. for filtration its pretty much basic some chemi pur and some ceremic rings. underneeth that is a small return pump to return the water. thats why you see the return nozzel hanging because it is connectedd to the return pump bellow. @ Reeftech for lighting i did a DYI led system using an old T5 housing unite. it has a hole cut at the top for the fan to sit to cool the leds down. it also has a auto top off pump connceted to it with a float switch.
  2. 10 gallon Desk tank

    Hey everyone, I wanted to post a few pics of my 10 gallon reef desk tank. Currently i have it set up with 10 lbs of live sand and about 13 lbs of live rock. Inside i have (2) black clown fish , a green bubble tip anemone, a single Duncan head (just added a few days ago), some red mushrooms, and some polyps. Everything has been doing great. Please comment bellow or ask questions. Id like to hear what everyone has to say or what you think.
  3. Nano Reef Desktop aquarium

    Here is the set up of my 10 gallon nano desktop reef. It was first started up on October 20, 2012. Is been on my desk for almost a week now and everything is doing great. As of now the tank is a regular 10 gallon tank coustomized to be an all in one and self sustained tank. It has a cornor overflow box made out out 6" diameter PVC cut to the specs needed for the tank. inside the overflow box is the filtration media and return pump. For filtrataion im using a bag of chemi pure elite, some ceremic rings, and for natural filtration live rock and live sand. also in the overflow box is a float switch connected to a vacume pump for ATO. on top is a auto fish feeder. Lighting is DIY LED lights from Rapid LEDs: 5 royal blues, 2 blues, 3 whites, on a 12" heatsink with fan running on to to cool LEDs. the fictureholding the LEDs and heatsink is and old T5 fictured gutted out and cut to size to fit the heatsink. Livestock i have 2 blanck clownfish, 5 red mushrooms, a few zoa polips. Enjoy and please comment. later updates will follow. Overflow box setup for leaks really bright LEDs clownfish added about 1 1/2 week after setup and cycle tank brought to work inside overflow box: first stage is filter pad. second is chemi pure and ceramic rings ATO
  4. 10gallon LED DIY

    Hi everyone. I am looking to buld another LED lighting pannel, this time for my 10gallon tank. I have previously build an LED system for my 150gallon. I would like to know how many LEDs should I use. I will be using 3w cree leds for royal blue and 5w cree for cool white LEDs. I plan to have an anemone and a few frags, torach frogspawn or hammer corals and a few mushrooms. Can any one give me an idea on how many LEDs should I use and if I should put any optics on the LEDs.
  5. recovering anemone

    Lol thanks man. A lot of texting lingo that I don't use.
  6. recovering anemone

    Thanks guys. As far as lighting concerns It wasn't that I used the same T5 in the ten as in the 30 now. The only thing I can think of was stress due to taking it out to modify the tank and puting it back in. It moved around everyday for about a week and a half. What's surprising is when I moved it to the 30 it was attached to a huge rock and I couldn't acclimate it to the new water so I just placed it in there and slowly added the water. It's doing great tho. Also what is IME?
  7. recovering anemone

    hey everyone i have a i have a question regarding my rose bulle tip anemone. about a moth and a half ago i had it in my 10 gallon nano it looked great my tomato clown dove right in the first day i got it. an few weeks later i decided to add an over flow box to it down to a small sump. i took everything out 2 fishes the anemone and a few polops. when i put everything back in everythiong seem good. a few days later i noticed the anemone starting to shrivel up. as time went on it got worse. eventually looking like it was dead. i kept hope thinbking it would pull through. i since then upgraded the 10 to a 30 gallon tank. using 4 T5 bulbs. bellow are pics of how it was when i got it to how it got after and now. now its doing alot better eating everyday and my clown is back in it sleeping at night. my question is why does it look like it does now its kinda lookjing clearish white. when i first got it when it was sick and now
  8. RBT anomone

    i thought it could be pooping but its been to long it shoulda been back to normal. as far as the flow its not getting any more that what it was when i first put it in. my tank is a 10 gallon with t5 and its been up for a 6 7 months. i feed it around 1 a week but starting yester im going to start feeding it daily to hopefully get it back to normal maybe thatll help the only reason why i have hope is cause it seems to be fairly well attached to the rocks and keeps moving if it were dieing i think it would just be floating around or not attaching its self to good.
  9. RBT anomone

    Ok guys so I think I have a problem with my bubble tip. I got this anemone about a month ago and it was doing great opened up stretched its tentacles and was looking good. My tomato clown took to it the first day I add the anemone. A few days ago I took everything out so I could install an overflow box. After I was done I placed everything back in the anemone was still attached to a piece of rock. After a few days the anomone started to shrivel up and my tomato won't go in it. It's constantly moving and never extending its tenticals out. Yesterday I picked it up to try and place it on a rock and it started expelling some brownish slim from its mouth. Can anybody tell me what's going in with it. Is it dieing.
  10. Emergency tank replacement

    Yeah I am it's 150 gallons I don't have much of a choice it would be to many buckets of RO water to bring. I treated the water to remove any bad stuff
  11. Emergency tank replacement

    Cool thanks guys. Yeah my plan was to fill up the new tank with tap water and add ph buffer and chlorine remover which I have done already. It's been running for almost 24 hrs. The salinity is at .022 .023 I also want to add some cemi pure to help remove any other impurities. When it comes time to move everything I want to empty half of the new water add my live sand and live rock and the remaining water in my 80 and finally my live stock.
  12. Emergency tank replacement

    Hey everyone I really could use some help here. I have a 80 gallon acrylic tank that has some fishes and a few corals. The Other day I knoticed one of te seams was peeling apart at that point everything was still good. The next day I decided to fix it by applying what they use to bond the acrylic together. In doing so I tried bringing the two pieces together and instead made it worse and now the crack is below the water line and loosing water fast. I since then have bought a used 150 glass tank and cleaned and strelized it. Now it's running with water and added the salt. I need to get all my livestock in the new tank fast. What's the best and fastest way to do this.
  13. office 10 gallon tank

    hello everyone im getting a new position at work where im going to have either an office (which i hope i get) or a cubicle with desk. either way i want to have a reef tank in there. i have a 8 gallon bio cube tank at home and was orginally going to bring that over but decided to give that one to mom for freshwater and myself start a new tank. im looking at getting a tarditional rectangle 10 gallon tank i think it measurs 20" long. my question is what type of filtration should i use, HOB filters, canister, or HOB filters turned into fuge. also would like to know what type of lighting i was thinking of using the same kind that i have on my 80 gallon Odyssea HO t5. not sure tho.
  14. New live rock and new fishs

    I'm getting from a LFS where I get it extremely cheap so the time outa water would only be 30 mins or so. The LR I got from them before was great it had no parasites or anything bad on them... At least as far as I know it didn't have anything bad on them.
  15. New live rock and new fishs

    I am gonna add about 30 40 more pounds of LR to my existing 37 pounds I already have in my 3'x3' 80 gallon tank. What I wanted to know is if I add it can I add new fishes the same day or do I have to wait a certain amount of time.