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  1. A little something from the sea (15g custom tank)

    I think the Maroon fish will fair much better then the two tangs.... if they are babies they will grow fast - polluting the water in such a small system with their high metabolism, and will be sure to outgrow the tank in around 5-6 months time. I think you need to seriously reconsider you livestocking options. The BTA hopefully its a good sign it has split into two, but occasionally under-nourished ones will split and slowly shrink and fade away over a few months still its gone. Since yours is a newly established tank I'd be putting my money on the second scenario. Sorry for so much negative feed back, but someone has to fill you in.
  2. Is this cowrie snail? Is it reef safe?

    I've got a cowrie in one of my tanks with a few softs - it has only ever eaten algae and never touched any of the softs - Could be what they call a money cowrie - haven't really looked into it enough to ID mine though. I did however see some other more colorful looking ones with feathery mantles in the marine shop similar to yours and it was happily munching away at the base of one of their resident softs. The LFS guys agreed this one definately wasn't safe and removed immediately to a bare tank in the shop...
  3. (un)Official Aussie/NZ Reefer Thread

    Where are you based? Brisbane, Queensland What type of system do you have? LPS and softies tank with various other mixed inhabitants (2+ years on). Planted tank (macro only at this stage) gobies, banggai's pair, blennies, pistols, cucumbers etc (only 6months old - hoping to get a shrimp goby in soon. Small pico pods tank - just started recently. Any plans for future systems? Pulling apart my LPS and softies tank and turning into two smaller tanks of total similar volume (I only rent and it is current too big to manage moving all the time) Also wanted to sep my WA hairy red rock lobster from the fish - they dont always all get a long at times, and the wrasse steals its food all the time Where do you buy equipment? From aquarium supplies wholesalers as much as possible, or who ever can offer decent not too inflated prices. What types of equipment/accessories do you wish you had easier access to? Larger range of LED fixtures. Cheaper chillers/Protein skimmers and Everything else cheaper in general - Sick of DIYing everything because I can't afford stuff. Where do you get livestock? LFS's (pet city/marine mate/aquarium warehouse) What types of livestock do you wish you had easier access to? Wider variety of gobies/shrimps/algae - CHEATO would be nice/seagrasses Where do you get coral? LFS's as per above What types of coral do you wish you had easier access to? More morphs/rics What is the one thing you wish you had easier access to (ie what the Americans have)? Everything How do you see reef keeping in Aus as different to the US? Much larger following in the US, only in its infancy over here in AUS. Time may change this - My local LFS is starting info/training nights around keeping and maintaining healthy reef aquaria. Any other comments Not at this point.
  4. Banggai Cardinal Breeding

    Sorry mine are still very shy after 3 months, camera has no chance. There are some minor differences, keep in mind mine are not full grown yet. Quick story first: The LFS guy was pretty certain he'd given me a male and female... he pointed out the dorsal fin as his definitive evidence. I wasn't so sure so i got a 2nd female just in case. I should have listened to him though. The 2nd female was a little smaller, one evening about a month after, i noticed some minor aggression from the larger 2 towards it. Then when i got home the next afternoon it was beaten to a pulp and floating sideways nearly... I moved it to the fuge... it didn't make it to the next morning. Back to the point though about gender differences... I still think the pair have very similar sized and shaped dorsal fins, but i read somewhere about the body shape being different as they near sexual maturity as in the male has a more rectangular body shaped, and females more rounded. This is how i tell my two apart. They are both the same size but the male definitely looks more squared off on his front n back end. I will have to check out those spines though - you might be onto something. I have tried mixing live cherrys with with frozen brine and mysis - even letting the two soak together for ages - this has been useless as an attempt to wean them. 3 months in and they are still only interested in the live cherrys. Next i plan to mix live brine and frozen brine - maybe this will trick them - as they look similar and will taste similar. I gut load my cherries with quality algae wafers that have high protein content. Basically feed them half an hour before I pick off a few to feed to the fish. I would highly recommend breeding the cherrys as a self sustaining live food source - and very UNexpensive if done right. Two main reasons I chose cherrys was they breed really fast and have a high yield, and also because they are fresh water I am confident they will never carry any diseases onto my marine fish (read this on several occasions). I dont even have a large breeding tank- its less than 12L - has a HOB very basic filter - only java moss as hideouts - and houses at any one time something like 150+ shrimp (probably more but much to difficult to count) from tiny babies up to full size adults. I tend to pick off the medium sized ones and leave only the large females and the tiny babies. That way i ensure that the next gen is on its way and that the prime breeders are left to do their thing!!! Even then i still have some adults die in there - these get cannibalized strangely enough (but i try to get them out and feed them into my other marine systems (my bird nose wrasse loves them as treats). All up I'd say about $50-60 in set up cost including the first few shrimp. Yes I will try putting and surviving juvenile banggai's into my fuges - but I have just set up a small nano tank for the babies as well - few months till its cycled and up n running though.
  5. Banggai Cardinal Breeding

    Mr Banggai Cardinal has a mouth full of (eggs I think at this stage) again. They really breed like crazy when fed live food.... gut loaded cherry shrimp is all they accept at the moment though... hopes this is nutritional enough - trying to breed some live brine shrimpies to wean them onto frozen brine eventually.
  6. DIY All-in-One 14G Tank with DIY Filtration

    Yeah. That's pretty close to the picture I had in my head - mine will be made with sand blasted (smokey) perspex though. Just something simple that will provide some mechanical and chemical filtration. Will probably just free float some macro in the tank if water changes aren't taking care of any nuisance algae.
  7. DIY All-in-One 14G Tank with DIY Filtration

    Display part of tank completed... I decided to build a removable in-tank filtration unit - as I will be connecting this tank into my larger setups sump system later so i can just remove the filtration unit later when i no longer need it - but the general design will be the same!! photos will be up this weeks sometime when i get a chance to.
  8. never stop eating

    You are what you eat Mr Green Crab!! Green indeed
  9. DIY All-in-One 14G Tank with DIY Filtration

    Ok correct light arrives in next day or two... damn delays. Construction/assembly begins this week too. New photos shortly after that. Any suggestions on a good aquascape/inhabitants? Would a Rock lobster and some fast colourful damsels be ok? with a bunch of LPS and softs?
  10. Jarquarium Challenge

    I've had a half filled 2 liter cider bottle running for about 3-4 months now, wasn't anything to do with Jarquariums so far, but I have had the lid off since i started it and never touched it since filling it up 4 months ago (colony of tiger copepods/some hair alage/some macro and a few small rocks i could fit thought the jar opening). After reading this thread imma go buy me some more cider bottles/ enjoy the contents/ and then make me some more of these - fill them with different stuff and have a go at jarquariums like you guys!! I'll post pics when I have all 3 set up. And try to give an update every month. Do you think i should put the caps back on and make it like a sealed bio-sphere. FYI the bottle was filled with rosie's cloudy apple cider - very good jarquarium like bottle shape in my opinion except for the small opening....
  11. Banggai Cardinal Breeding

    Yeah I think daddy Banggai consumed all his offspring.... that's his first attempt over with I think.
  12. DIY All-in-One 14G Tank with DIY Filtration

    They sent the wrong one - another 1-2 weeks waiting...
  13. Stromb hiding in plain sight

    Nah is has a smooth cone shaped shell, I double check on google images, it's definately a stromb snail! 100% sure - it's shell is fully buried - he was in the same spot today - only one eye poking out of the sand
  14. Stromb hiding in plain sight

    Nom nom nom, No one can see me so i'll just continue snacking away over here!!
  15. DIY All-in-One 14G Tank with DIY Filtration

    LED light arrives on Monday!! Can't wait to test it out