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  1. (2) MP10w ES + More items

    IS the auto topoff still for sale? Please PM me payment info if so. Thx.
  2. FS: Solana 34 Cube

    I am very interested and I'm in Culver City and can do pick up.
  3. Hey guys, hold on. I plugged it all in to double-check everything and it appears as though one of the white LEDs is fried and needs replacement. It's shorting the entire white LED circuit.
  4. I am getting out of the saltwater game. Looking to trade this setup for a small 3-10 gallon frameless tank, or $50 + shipping costs. Will ship by USPS priority or air mail or whatever you wish. It's two drivers, Maxwellen LED Dimmable Driver 3W (7-12 LEDs each) LED colors: 6 white 10k, 6 blue, 2 pink
  5. AquaStyleOnline Club

    just a couple tips: 1. a cardboard heatsink will never work. These LEDs get hot enough to ignite cardboard into flames. Were you planning on using a drill or thermal paste? 2. Drawings of LEDs are not as bright as actual LEDs. For about $2.70 a piece, it is much more cost effective to use actual lights instead of drawing lights to replace them. The PAR difference between pen on cardboard vs bridgelux LEDs is literally night and day. Was this the tank you were planning to hang it over?
  6. AquaStyleOnline Club

    Yes, exactly. I have two pink LEDs thrown in there and I think it looks pretty good. And YES, they do take away from the blue light in your lunar period. I strongly suggest that no one ties them together with the blue. You should put your pinks on the same channel as your white 10ks because you never have white on by itself without blue also on, and also because the pinks hit some of the spectrum of the white. I've heard that pink helps with coral growth, in fact. Can anyone confirm if this is true? This is what it looks like right under where pink and blue meet: you can clearly see some pink lighting coming in on the left anterior corner of the tank, there is also in the right rear, but in this shot i didn't have coral under that pink light yet.
  7. Goniopora hates water changes

    People have mentioned before that their flower pot corals prefer "dirty water". Well, as a policy, dirty water is difficult to keep without having ill effects on SPS. I've noticed that when I do a water change, my flower pot hates it and stays closed for a couple days. Has anyone been able to deal with the challenge of keeping goniopora and SPS at the same time?
  8. Had my first Disaster :(

    I don't understand how your tank crashed that hard in 10 hours... Is your house temperature like 60 degrees? Plus I agree with the other posters here, don't add any chemicals ever to "correct" for anything. The best way to correct is to water change. Fresh saltwater is the best buffer for anything.
  9. "In my opinion" was implied. I typed it on my very own keyboard.
  10. My buddy akpoly did these measurements over on SCAPE:
  11. BruinHD's 11.4g Paradisio

    Thanks! Thank you for your comment as well. Right now I'm only using live rock as filtration with a 30% water change per week. I was contemplating getting a protein skimmer but I was advised against it.
  12. clown hosting my frogspawn

    You found a tank-bred clown that hosts frogspawn and you want to get rid of him??? He's adorable!
  13. Peppermint Shrimp ... eating coral?

    Let this be a lesson to future Aipatasia sufferers. Never use a living creature as a remedy for a tank problem! Just get a hypodermic needle and some lemon juice and inject each aiptasia. They will die almost instantly. This has worked for me.