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  1. New Maxima Placement

    No, there not the LED moonlights it's the jbj unibody LED, I'm just trying to find out if my fixture is defective or not
  2. New Maxima Placement

    I have a question for you that is way off topic, i also have the jbj unibody and i've been trying to find out if the lights are supposed to turn off all the way when their set to off, because mine stay on but dimmed to a level that gives no illumination. do your lights go completely off? sorry for such a random question.
  3. This is extremely bizarre

    Just finished talking to them, and i will be hearing from the engineer who built the light about this question. I fins extremely odd that they wont go off all they way. it has me wondering where its pulling electricity from if the timer is in off and I'm a 100% sure its not the timer.
  4. This is extremely bizarre

    OK, so i have just recently purchased the JBJ Unibody LED, I'm not sure if this is what LED lights do but last night i noticed that the LED lights were still on after i turned them off a couple hours ago, they were super dimmed not enough to create any type of lighting(if that makes sense), but my main question is should LED lights go all the way off? or do they stay barely powered up when in the off mode?
  5. covering the tank

    its a 14 gal, it has the same dimensions as a 10 just taller
  6. covering the tank

    Those are both good ideas, but im trying to buy something before i decide to go the DIY route, do you guys know of any?
  7. Where did you get the netted top? I'm trying to replace my glass cover with a netted one and i can't seem to find them anywhere
  8. covering the tank

    I know that i have seen netting kits for tanks somewhere online i just can't remember where it was that i saw that
  9. covering the tank

    Hey i was wondering where i could buy a netted hood for the tank, I'm currently using a glass and i need to get rid of that due to all the heat it traps
  10. the best

    okay, awesome thanks for the help!
  11. the best

    Hey guys, I have been feeding frozen brine, mysis, and bloodworms since the tank started about three months ago. I want to start feeding pellet food also and make that the main diet and only use frozen to target feed my corals. So I'm wondering what is the best pellet food for 2 clowns, and a watchman goby. Also is it going to be a problem to get the clowns to take pellets since all that they have had is frozen?
  12. refugium?

    Has anyone here have some experience with a reef octopus hob refugium? i would really like to know how the product has worked for you and may have some questions to ask you about the plumbing or the way that the system works, so ya let me know if anyone of you does or has owned this product
  13. amazon leds?

    where can i get 3wat leds that come in a strip?
  14. amazon leds?

    ya i am defiantly digging the stunner might have to get that instead
  15. amazon leds?

    ya here is the link of what i was thinking of getting http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B002CQ87M...m=ATVPDKIKX0DER and i just want to add more blue to the lighting