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  1. Having some trouble with my staghorn sps

    oh awesome, thanks for letting me know, apparently the guys at my lfs need to study up a bit, and so do I
  2. Having some trouble with my staghorn sps

    Sure thats not a staghorn? Also can doing a water change bring my dkh levels back up?
  3. Over the past couple of days I noticed that my staghorn coral wasn't showing any polyp extension. I have had this frag for about 3 weeks and this is the first sign of anything wrong. It has good flow on it. I have two other sps corals in my tank that are doing great (purple rimmed monti cap and blue rimmed Monti cap) but for some reason the staghorn just doesn't look good. The rest of my coral is doing great as well. Here is the breakdown of the system: 5.1 gallon tank weekly 1 gallon water changes with kent salt params: nitrate - 2 calcium - 450 ppm magnesium - 1350 ppm KH - 6dKH - 2.16 meq/L ( a little low) the only other thing that might help is that i have also noticed diatoms forming on the sand which i usually don't have a problem with. Is it the low dKH that is causing my problems. Any advice would be greatly appreciated! Here are some pics http://s1059.photobucket.com/user/Justin_luke/media/IMG_1123.jpg.html'> http://s1059.photobucket.com/user/Justin_luke/media/IMG_1124.jpg.html'>
  4. Do I need a sump, 10g w/ 25lbs LR

    If you like that much rock I would say keep it, those tanks can hold more than people give them credit for. It has already been said, but make sure you have good flow throughout the rocks to ensure that waste and detritus do not build up. A weekly water change of 1-2 gallons will make sure that everything stays stable and healthy. One thing you should be cautious of is to not overstock your tank. With a water volume of just over 5 gallons it will be easy for multiple fish to quickly pollute the water. A couple small fish should be fine.
  5. What is this?

    Its a ricordea, a type of mushroom/soft coral. It is not harmful at all and they are actually fairly desirable.
  6. Hi all! A few weeks back I picked up a spot tail blenny from my lfs and it came in a rock that was its home. A couple days later I spotted a candy striped pistol shrimp in my tank when I had the lights turned off. It obviously hitch hiked in on the piece of rock that the blenny lived in. I was very excited because i also have a yellow watchman goby in my tank, which i hear these specific shrimp pair very well with. My tank is only 5.1 gallons so i figured that they would pair up but they never did. I resorted to tearing my rock apart and catching the shrimp in order to quarantine the shrimp and goby together in hope of getting them to pair. After keeping the shrimp and goby in a very small confined space for over 2 hours I added them back to the tank only to have them go their separate ways! its been 2 weeks since that happened and i haven't seen the shrimp since, i know he's alive though because i can hear him snapping away every single day. Is there any way to get these two to pair? At the very least is there any way to get my pistol shrimp to come out in the open? Thanks all!
  7. Justin's 5.1 gal EcoPico

    the lights work fine for me, I see tons of growth with them especially with my chalice. If you are losing ricordeas check your water quality, ricordeas like dirtier water.
  8. Justin's 5.1 gal EcoPico

    I have been away for a while but I'm back! I have kept this tank up the entire time and i have even moved it to college with me! Everything is growing great, I have made some changes in the coral and I have also added a tailspot blenny (Lenny) and I love him. I would really appreciate to hear some feedback! Here is the FTS current of a week ago! http://s1059.photobucket.com/user/Justin_luke/media/PC271216.jpg.html'>
  9. Daily water change

    How big is your tank? I have a 5.1 gallon nano with a ton of coral in it and I do daily 1 cup water changes. I mainly do this to keep the nitrates low and so I won't have to supplement as much.
  10. Had a small heart attack tonight...

    Really? Come on man, either help out or keep out of the conversation. dburt was using this forum for exactly what it was meant for, to give advice by using personal experience. I dont see a problem with that.
  11. Justin's 5.1 gal EcoPico

    lol its hammer actually, and i think i like it exactly where i have it now
  12. The Official AFC Thread

  13. Pico FTS Thread!

    Cmon lets get more tanks on here! I know there are plenty of pico owners out there!
  14. Justin's 5.1 gal EcoPico

    Thanks! i updated the first post to show all of the FTS, from the first to the last, hope it helps.
  15. The Official AFC Thread

    Love this Feather weight - 5.1 gallon Username - Justin_Luke Nick Name - Nines