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  1. Starting new tank

    also do the rock nems need a sand bed to fell comfy? I was hoping to go without
  2. Starting new tank

    I know anemones sting in general but i mean that's the way they keep things from encroaching on there spot almost all corals sting. I was hoping the get away with no extra power heads by just getting a bigger return pump for the tank. I guess the questions are more for the flower nems because Ive keep plenty BTA's. I am less familiar with them and there habits.
  3. Starting new tank

    Thanks I will check them out!
  4. Starting new tank

    I have the Quarter sized BTA's and they never get bigger then a quarter and then split every few mouths! Ive had them in all my tanks with no problems. Is it an Anemone thing that they will sting each other ? or will they sting anything ?
  5. Starting new tank

    Im starting another tank so that I can have another Clownfish pair. Im hoping to keep it a super simple set up but I would like to have it be a BTA and Flower Anemone tank as well. Any specific things I need to keep in mind to have this type of dedicated tank? Not in a huge rush with it so planning ahead and doing research. The tank will be a fusion 10 gal AIO . The real reason this is happening is because MACNA is in my city this year and I need room lol.
  6. Coral color

    LPS and Softies are all I have at moment and its happening to both Zoas and Acans I have a watermelon chalice I just bought and it looks amazing and want to keep it that way
  7. Coral color

    So Im just wondering what are the main contributing factors in coral color in your tank specifically when corals loose color but are not bleached just loose the bright color they had. I understand there are probably many factors that can contribute to this so lets keep it basic. In this scenario corals are not dyeing doing well polyp extension is great but the coral corals are fading. Thanks
  8. Jbj refugium light

    Im interested did it work well for you ?
  9. Showcase: Super Slim Custom Top-Off Container

    If I order one of the sizes you have, can I get it in custom colors or is that more ? interested in the 3 gal razor with a gray bottom and neon green top if possible
  10. Reactors

    OK so this may be stupid and I may be missing something but here goes. If reactors are more effective in removing nitrates and phosphates then why don't people just us them and only them? for example I have a aqua clear 70 on my tank with chemi pure, and a sponge .I want to add a chato reactor to the system as well but then I was thinking why cant I run 3 reactors in a series and then send it back in the tank wouldn't that be the most efficient filtration or am i missing something ? i know there's probably a flow rate issue but other then that and obviously if I had a sump then no problem but I haven't seen this done behind a tank. thoughts on this would be greatly appreciated
  11. Apex JR with Temperature Probe > No display > works great only used a few months. asking $100.00 Would be good if you had another apex and needed more plugs. thanks
  12. MY Magneisium is high

    Ive been getting it from my LFS, Im pretty sure it Aqua Vitro . and no I havent tested it before, that makes sense thanks