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  1. Since its an isolated rock it could be good place to let something like green star polyps, mushrooms or Xenia have the whole rock .
  2. Austin aqua farms had some nice ones on sale
  3. Can you guys ID theses for me thanks
  4. I am starting with a new desktop tank. Picked up a 9.3 gallon from Ultum nature systems and have to say i love the look of it so far. i went with the aqua clear 70 for filtration but upgraded it with the ocean box designs media basket in hope it will do the job, i went with a smaller tank because Ive had luck with it in the past, and there is little a 50% water change cant fix in my opinion. As long as i remember to do them lol. Im working on making a top for it ( i know defects the purpose of rimless but i have cats ). Still have to figure out how I am gonna hang my lights, but I am going to let it cycle for now. Cant wait to light it up and start adding.... here's some pic
  5. Michelangelo, because he says cowabunga dude.