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  1. Keydivers 57g rimless "deep blue"

    Can't wait for my corals to be part of ur tank lol
  2. Sunny D & AOG & Shrooms

    Shipped and done
  3. SOCAL Tank Upgrade

  4. Delivered and done
  5. VaporCountry

    Repeat buyer for another mame piece from me! Smooth transaction and once again would not be afraid to deal with.
  6. VaporCountry's 6g NanoCube BOOSTED

    I'm glad it survived the trip.. Hope you enjoy it. If u need help with the low water level on the DT .. Just pm me!
  7. xDMx 14 Gallon BioCube

    Lol scary. USPS is gonna be holding onto some zoas I will be shipping out tomorrow
  8. SOCAL Tank Upgrade

    Another day of work.. Shipping corals tomorrow to keydiver and meeting up with IIX tonight. Lol busy busy....
  9. Sold to IIX will deliever tonight
  10. Pending for IIX... Still available until he replies to me and confirms
  11. Sunny D & AOG & Shrooms

    Shipping tommorrow.
  12. VaporCountry's 6g NanoCube BOOSTED

    Didn't need 3 but get that overflow installed ASAP!!! It's half inch ID return and 1 inch ID for Inlet Try getting the eheim 1250 and a gate or ball valve and your golden!!!
  13. Sunny D & AOG & Shrooms

    Too many sleepers!!! Hah
  14. SOCAL Tank Upgrade

    Bone stock cars I like to rape my own vehicles hahaha Forreals? How you found out about the brz? Priced to sell!!!