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  1. Tronic's Japanese ADA 60P (wet again)

    Dave I will just give me a little bit of time to clean things up.
  2. Tronic's Japanese ADA 60P (wet again)

    Few pictures of recent frags I picked up IMG_3790 IMG_3786 IMG_3789 feeding time.
  3. Tronic's Japanese ADA 60P (wet again)

    Sweet! Thanks for the ID. I was a little concerned there for a bit.
  4. Tronic's Japanese ADA 60P (wet again)

    It is just a glassholes nano con-dientes overflow. There are a couple pics on the back of the tank with the plumbing all set up. If this doesn't cover it let me know and I'll be happy to take some others.
  5. Tronic's Japanese ADA 60P (wet again)

    This is another photo of the mystery coral in question. I really need to learn how to use the settings on my camera better. These colors are not true to life the tips are more of a green. Anyone have any ideas on an ID? IMG_3779 by [url=https://www.flickr.com/people/125206151@N07/]
  6. Tronic's Japanese ADA 60P (wet again)

    Not the greatest but because you asked IMG_4142 by , on Flickr Display Pico IMG_4143 by /url], on Flickr IMG_4165 by IMG_4167 by IMG_4170 by [url=https://flic.kr/p/pTPNKg][url=https://flic.kr/p/pTPNKg]IMG_4171 by [url=https://www.flickr.com/people/125206151@N07/] ZEOVIT frags! [url=https://flic.kr/p/peu3Mi][url=https://flic.kr/p/peu3Mi]IMG_4173 by [url=https://www.flickr.com/people/125206151@N07/]
  7. Tronic's Japanese ADA 60P (wet again)

    Anyone have any ID on this guy? I got it for free at the LFS, I originally thought it was an SPS frag but the polyps are bigger than normal and they transition from purple to neon green at the tips. I do not know why but this thing screams stingy to me. I just wanted to see if anyone knows if I should be worried or not and sorry for the crappy iPhone pic now. IMG_4540on Flickr
  8. Tronic's Japanese ADA 60P (wet again)

    I finally got livestock back in this tank. I got it wet again back in May 2014 and I just added livestock back into this week. Additionally, I finally got my nano-box Duo about a month ago and it has much better coverage than the AI nano on this tank. Overall I am pretty happy just having a hard time finding good frags in Japan.
  9. Tronic's Japanese ADA 60P (wet again)

    Wow, that is awesome. I will have to give that a try when I get back. What still stumps me is that both of these tanks are restarts and I did not have this issue before. But that cloudiness looks the same as the video so it worth a shot. If you have any updates I would love to hear them.
  10. Tronic's Japanese ADA 60P (wet again)

    Question for the masses, I have noticed that both my saltwater and fresh water tanks have cloudy water, even after months of no live stock. I have changed the water a number of times and it is still a slight milky color after a day. I did not use any starter bacterias on either tank so perhaps it a bloom of sorts but I feel like it is lasting far too long. I am using RO/DI water from my BRS 5 stage and I have changed everything minus the RO membrane with in the last year and the TDS meter reads 0 on the way out. I am at a loss and I am not sure if replacing the RO membrane will help or not, the TDS into the resin does not read super high (less than 5) so I do not feel like it is from that. Maybe a long down time caused something to grow in the other parts of the filer??? Thoughts?
  11. 40g reef starter

    Where in Japan are you? There are a couple people on here in Japan.
  12. Tronic's Japanese ADA 60P (wet again)

    It's a different way to make bank, Deployments. Depending on where you go and your combat zone entitlements. They are not huge chunks of money but you are not at home, so you really can't spent it real time (some figure out how to). But you're not running to the 7/11 for a six pack so that saves like 10 bucks here and there. Then you don't have to drive your OWN car back home during the deployment so that is a lot of cash that adds up quickly when you're gone for 6+ months.
  13. Tronic's Japanese ADA 60P (wet again)

    So I got the tunze ATO on there working like a champ then I get home one morning and the high water level alarm is going off. I remove the extra water and inspected the system. Nothing looked out of place so I let it be. A couple hours later the water lever is back but I have not heard the pump run once during this time. It appears the the fill line has started a slowly siphon that remains active even with the pump is off. The pump is on the bottom of the ato reservoir and I have the fill line routed all the way up my return line and empties about 4-6 above the pickup height in the reservior. This had worked for weeks at breaking the siphon but now it just keeps going. Does anyone have any experiences with this? Or how to fix it? Thanks.
  14. Tronic's Japanese ADA 60P (wet again)

    I am stationed out here. I dig it here. However, I cannot seem to find the same level of LFS as SoCal though.
  15. Tronic's Japanese ADA 60P (wet again)

    Naw, eventually I will end up back in the states. My brother is already watching over one of my cars, this will just make two. Lol.