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  1. The best online fish buying experience i have had has been through alphaaquaculture hands down. I have purchased 2 designer clowns from there, a black snowflake and a fancy white. Kris spent at least 20 minutes each time talking to me on the phone describing the fish in great detail and he sent me images of the exact fish before i purchased them. Both fish arrived fat and happy with next day shipping and started eating as soon as they were put into the tank. Trust me, the price of Kris's fish reflects the quality and care he takes to provide healthy and beautiful fish. Jason
  2. jahoban's 80 gallon reef

    Thanks for the compliment on the scape, i am very happy with how it has turned out Currently i have the mp40s on reef crest at about 50% power and the mp10 in on NTM at about 60%. I put the mp40s into NTM daily as well to really stir things up but i have to turn the power down or they will blow water out of the tank. I have no issue with sandstorms or them sucking air from the surface. I think the placement of the powerheads is an important factor. I have the left mp40 more towards the front glass and the right mp40 more towards the rear glass and it creates a gyre effect in the tank. I designed the scape to be out of the way of the powerheads as well. Jason
  3. Is your tank the oceanic or coralife? Jason
  4. Favorite coral is fruit loops zoanthids
  5. Bump I am open to offers
  6. Shipping cost depends on the specific item and where it needs to go. In other words I am willing to work with you on shipping cost. Jason
  7. All PMs replied to Jason
  8. I have a few items leftover from my frag tank breakdown for sale. Sicce Syncra 4.0: $150, this has never seen saltwater, I only used it during a 3 day freshwater leak test SOLD. Eshoppes PSK 100-H: $100, great skimmer used it on my 40 breeder frag tank for about 1 year, great condition only minor signs of use AC110 with inTank media basket: $100, in great condition with minor scratches, used for about 1 year Oceanic Biocube 29 hood: $50, used for about 3 months, comes complete with all ballasts, moonlights etc... SOLD. Neptune Apex LSM with 3 LED string: $60, used for about 4 months Eheim Compact+ 2000: $70, brand new in box, has not seen any water Deep Blue Triton 5: $40, came with a previous tank purchase and I have no use for it JBJ nano-glo LED: $40, used for about 1 year, has a small crack on side where the suction cup arm attaches, does not hurt performance of light Badfish Reef Systems Skimmer box for AC110: $20, used for about 2 weeks, comes with the magnets inTank Oceanic Biocube 29 media basket, fuge basket, fish saver, 2 flow directors, and underwater light for fuge basket: $60, everything is in slightly used condition with light scratches, the light needs a new bulb
  9. Fuzz on my Zoa

    Looks like they may be hydroids. Jason