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  1. Reef Vase - "Blue Crevice"

    Nice Vase, How and what is the filtration if you don't mind me asking as my wife just saw this and she wants me to make one just like it lol. Any help would be much appreciated
  2. ~Totalimmortal's 1.5 gallon pico~

    Awesome set up. where are the lighting fixtures from? +1
  3. My New Pico Reef

    Can anyone identify the pink softy which i have? My softy and Mandarin... Can someone please help me identify the softy?
  4. My New Pico Reef

    Heres the globe and fitting
  5. My New Pico Reef

    They are just GU10 globes which are off ebay they are 1x5W LED each i am waiting for another one to come as i only have two on it atm and its not bright enough. ill post some pics give me 5 min
  6. the cube

    The GU10's which i have used in my pico work a treat and for $11 ea. dimmable and colour changing with a remote on/off on remote function as well plus a $15 Ikea fixture you cant go wrong
  7. My New Pico Reef

    Yea the brain is awesome for $20. I have a couple of pictures i am going to put up i have put a couple of red mushrooms from my 16G into it now. I also got the yellow frogspawn for only $25 as well. I put my Tiny Green Mandarin in my Pico as he had whitespot/ich in my 16G so I thought I would remove him before it got any worse. It's going to be a pain getting him out although he does like at home in here. Do you guys suggest I put him back in my 16G or keep him in my pico? Phil- Sorry to here the main thing is that you haven't had any crashes in your tank
  8. SmithErick's 5.5g PicoAquariums Manta Ray

    Alot of poeple seem to underestimate the strength of the malm. I have had my 16G sitting on it for over a year now
  9. Wiring help for Pico Reef

    What I have done on my pico is put a 4 gang switch mech which i then cut all the plugs off and connected them to each individual switch then you only have 1 plug socket going to your powerpoint. Or you could strip back your filter and heater which would need to be on constantly and put a single plug on them to run off one which will then only take up to plugs
  10. got2envy's 3g JBJ Pico with Boost LED

    Awesome effort you should go a long way in this contest good luck... +1
  11. My New Pico Reef

    No responses on the progress of my tank guys...
  12. new-b-reefers LED picotope (pic heavy!)

    Your Pico is looking awesome. I see you are having success with hard corals in your tank ie. birdsnest, whatis the key to this... Everyone keeps telling me it is impossible to keep hard corals in a Pico... +1
  13. Markushka's DIY < 3g pico

  14. GTi's 3.7 Gallon Cube Build Thread

    Looking good so far GTI. Are you using a canister on that tiny tank? If so would you recommend it and why?
  15. Tom@HaslettMI pico

    Hey Tom, As for the water changes, Don't want to be telling you what to do cause you have been in this hobby a heap longer than i have but. I have just started doing weekly water changes and added purigen and noticed my corals opening up more and more active so if you haven't already maybe try some purigen in your filter... Once again I don't want to sound like I'm trying to tell you what to do just a suggestion