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  1. Possible pest ID please.....

    Because I'm a forgetfull dumbass. Sorry.
  2. I think I caught this critter munching on some zoas......
  3. PistolShrimp

    Yet another jackass on this site.
  4. Could someone help me ID this please?

    Thank you very much.
  5. Frogspawn

    I have a frogspawn that seems very healthy, but doesn't seem to respond to spot feedings. Anything I attempt to place near it's mouth just ultimately gets eaten by other inhabitants. Any suggestions? I'm really trying to get it to grow more and ultimately move it to my new build that's about to start.
  6. BTA deceased?

    Came home this afternoon & my BTA is upside down on the sand bed completely closed. Could he be dead or any suggestions?
  7. YankeePete....are these fuges still available to order?
  8. Frogspawn issue.....

    Thanks....fingers are crossed. The clown is actually trying to host a large ricordia. Here's another photo of the frogspawn
  9. Frogspawn issue.....

    I recently re-did my rockscape, about a week & 1/2 ago. Immediately following, my frogspawn closed up. I assumed he was unhappy with being moved. This past Saturday, my clown that has been hosting in that frogspawn refused to eat. I immediately did a water test, and found that I had a huge nitrate spike going on....upwards of 95-100. I believe this was from lots of detrius being shaken loose as moved rocks and such. I should have tested the water sooner I realize now.....dumb mistake. The tank is an 8 gallon, so I immediately did a 3 gallon water change and used Prime. Water is now testing at 20, and I'll likely do one more small water change tonight. Clown is eating again, and swimming all over, and his color is back to normal. Frogspawn has begun to bubble up again, but it has flesh that seems to be coming off, w/skeleton showing.. (photo below) Is this saveable? If so what should I do? Thanks for any advice.
  10. Frogspawn is pissed.

    I re-organized my rock scape this past Saturday, and since then my frogspawn has been closed. It's in the same location, but has remained closed since everything else was shifted a bit. It's been an issue as my clown has been hosting, and seems a bit stressed. Any ideas?
  11. Another ID.....

    Any clue on this.....it's on the rock, but spread out to the glass..... Poor pic....my apologies.
  12. Nitrates have spiked....

    I had last checked a 6 days prior..and it was at 20...I usually check 2-3 times a week. Not using tap water, I've been using water from my LFS which I've been testing prior to using. This has been the first spike I've seen, and the first loss in the tank. I know, due to the uncreased biolad I'll have to stay much more on top of water changes......Tonight we're back down around 20-30...and I completed about a gallon water change and will retest in the morning. My thanks again for all the advice!