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  1. Micro-Reefs AFTER Memorial Day Special!

    Dang Mike, this is a kiler setup! Great price for basically a complete setup! I may bave to get one for my gfs office!
  2. Rewiring Marineland Reef LEDS

    Thank you! Awesome, glad it helped you out. And always speed limit, i save the fast stuff for the roadcourse.
  3. Rewiring Marineland Reef LEDS

    Nice! I really dig the new body. And thank you. The color was a pain in the but! I mixed it myself. 12 coats of paint total to get that color. It shifts frm yellow to orange. Its a candy. The top is actually gray and not black. I widened the back of the car 3in on each side. Lol. Kept it as factory as possibe. Cut the roof out to, its a targa top now. Here is a pic that shows the color shift better
  4. Rewiring Marineland Reef LEDS

    Sweet. I like the new body style. Makes me want another. I have 3, 89 fox body, 08 cali special, and my fav the 04. I got a 66 nova to, so im not just a ford boy lol. Had to share a quick pic. Lol Let us now how the marineland mod goes. My brother has one of those laying around, might be a fun thing to try myself.
  5. Rewiring Marineland Reef LEDS

    No problem! Your a fellow "stanger" so I figured Id help you out. Lol.
  6. Rewiring Marineland Reef LEDS

    I looked on google for you and found this, hopefully it helps. http://www.thereeftank.com/forums/f76/diy-...tch-178430.html
  7. New to NR

    Sweet! Cant wait!
  8. New to NR

    About time you joined up buddy! Now get off the net and get my light done son! Hahaha
  9. Micro-Reefs LLC

    Oh, like between both pictures right? In one picture only the chromis is ther i think, and the other picture only the clown is there. So each picture has only 1 fish in it. If tHat makes sense lol. But it would be pretty cool to have a half black and orange clown. Edit, Ok i went bak and looked. U r right lol. I looked at the pics again and see what you mean. Same fish, haha, just the way the iphone responds to leds.
  10. Anyone buy micro-reefs sump yet?

    Awesome! If you are around saturday or sunday, ill go over. Thanks Peter. I just rememeberd, every time i go over I never hear your overflow and sump! But I never asked how you did it lol. I swear Peter, u got all the tricks man. Haha.
  11. Micro-Reefs LLC

    2 diffrent fish. Ones a clown one is a chromis. For the most part it is the lighting, first pic was with a lot of blue and iphones dont like blue leds. Second pic was last night with blues all the way down. But I have to admit the water is a lot clearer now with the sump than before.
  12. Anyone buy micro-reefs sump yet?

    I was nervous also. But honestly after watching It work for a while, and waking up to a dry living room, i feel good about now. Now i want to sump my 4gallon. Ha. Thanks for the puppy comment, little guy is a handfull right now. Turns 3 months tomorrow. As far as the noise goes, there is a foam piece that goes into the overflow and that quiets it down. You get a small amount of noise from the overflow, but you get most of the noise from the sump. I guess if i was to put a foam piece inside of the sock wher the water comes into the sump, it would probably absorb the sound. The noise you here is the water falling into the sump from the over flow hose. Ill try that tonight. Dont get me wrong, its not too loud as it is. Thank you!
  13. Anyone buy micro-reefs sump yet?

    I had the same question and concern. So i turned the power off. The water level drops slightly but the over flow keeps enough water in it, that keeps the u-tube full as well. The siphon will only brake if you pull the u- tube out. As soon as power is restored, the tank fills back up and starts working. Ill see if i can take and post a vid 2nite or tommorrow.
  14. Anyone buy micro-reefs sump yet?

    Hmm. Well I have it on the wall behind my tv. Today was the first day i had it running, but i can not here at all with the tv on. I will go ahead and watch tv tomorrow night in the living room with the tank and see how it sounds. I know right now, my house is dead quiet and i can barely, barely hear it from across the house. This ne has more of a trickle sound, no slosh no flush, just a steady trickle. +1, I heart u to Mike. Lol.
  15. Anyone buy micro-reefs sump yet?

    Well the ac70 was very quiet. My main reason for going with a sump, was to clean up the look of the tank. I love the rimless look, but that ac70 back there was killing the look for me. And yes the sump is louder than the ac70, but not too loud at all. But everyone is diffrent, me, I love the sound of water, so it does not really bother me.