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  1. Great to hear this and good logistics. This is valuable information for whoever will be doing the same. What about the acropora, do you have any idea why it didn't make it?
  2. Trouble with Cree and TV leds

    Definitely the lights were the only change. Nothing else changed, nothing else was touched, the params were stable, whatever they were at the time. I'm running TrueViolet LEDs at 500ma at 100% but only for 2 hours per day (kind of like high noon).
  3. Trouble with Cree and TV leds

    I don't know... I've never seen RTN and don't know if this was that. The coral just "stripped", you could see patches of covering tissue peeling away. In the morning the coral was purple, a few hours later it was white.
  4. Trouble with Cree and TV leds

    Thanks guys... The one I don't understand is the purple/dark blue acro which stripped in the matter of hours after I changed the leds. Still no idea why.
  5. Trouble with Cree and TV leds

    Not a few weeks, rather a week or 10 days at max....
  6. I have been using an Epistar 20W ComboLED since the start of my 7g nano and everything was fine. Decided to change the fixture to DIY Cree 3up from Ledgroupbuy and add 2 TV leds (http://www.ledgroupbuy.com/true-violet-led-420nm). Since I installed the new light I have browning on one acro, the other which was dark violet/blue in color stripped completely one morning and my birdsnest is showing little to no polyp extension. Another green acro is doing fine and growing, blasto and acans are doing fine. I'm running the lights for 9 hours per day and have 4 3up modules, therefore 8RB and 4NW + 2TV. I dialled down the TV leds to 500nm. The other RB+NW leds are now running at some 60%. Again, this is a small 7g system, the leds are installed in the hood. Am I blasting the corals with too much light? Are TV leds too strong for such a small system? Should I try to switch them off completely? Any ideas?
  7. I'm not from the US and didn't realize you mean that 1500 miles is for the return trip - I thought you were claiming 12 hours for 1500 miles one way which sounds unreasonable. Sorry for the misunderstanding.
  8. Huh!? 12 hours for 1500 miles? Gives an average speed of 125mph, without any stops. You must the have a car with a siren and some lights on top...?
  9. Full Spectrum LED tank pictures

    For TrueViolets, driven at 500mA, how long do you keep them on during the day? I have a 7g with SPS.
  10. Hermit ID

    Sorry for that. Very hard to white balance the photo on the phone Anyway, what I saw later is that one of the hermits has black-white legs. Looks like Calcinus latens or Calcinus seurati. Any info on how good they are? Thanks!
  11. Hermit ID

    Any chance to ID this hermit crab? Legs are... I would say brown or something like that, anyway not of any distinctive color.
  12. Red algae problem... PIcs inside. HELP!

    I've had the same problem and I wouldn't use any chemicals. They say the chemicals kill only "bad" bacteria, but that's simply impossible. Your best bet is to shut off your lights for 2 or 3 days and minimize ambient light entering the tank. I did it for 3 days. placed some folders over the glass to minimize daylight entering the tank and everything was fine afterwards. Reduce feeding as well in order to minimize nitrients in your water and increase water changes. I did 10% water changes every 2 days (twice before lights out, once during, once after lights out) and it all settled. Here is what it looked like.
  13. 1 LED 20W CW+RB

    Some more growth pics...
  14. 1 LED 20W CW+RB

    Thansk for the heads up. Here are also some photos of the growth with this led. First photos were taken on March 15, the second ones on April 1. Might not seem like much, but it's only 2 weeks and I also had a couple of days without lights due to cyano (my tank was less than 2 months old). However, I am impressed with my Acan Lord which is growing 2 new heads!
  15. PC power supply for LED?

    Well, I thought to use PC PSU for the simple reason that I have it and need to drive 14 LEDs. It's got to do with costs somewhat as well, to be honest, as I would need to get drivers other than the ones I already have (12V, 20W, 1.67A) to drive the lights. I have Milad's 4x 3up + 2 TV. I wanted to wire them all up separately - whites and blues on separate dimmers and 2TVs without a dimmer. I wonder what drivers you would suggest (already got dimmers).