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  1. Harrisonbored

    Macro id??

    Not that it helps with a proper ID but there's a few picts in here referring to something that looks like it as "red spotted macro"
  2. Harrisonbored

    Anyone in Burbank CA have Chaeto?

    Did you try Ultra Gem or Deep Blue? I was there last week and could swear one of them had it.
  3. Harrisonbored

    Shipping small brittle stars

    Indo Pacific Sea Farms ships them 2-day in styrofoam lined box. The stars were shipped in their own bag just with a piece of macro and water. Everything arrived beautifully
  4. Harrisonbored

    Macro id??

    I'm no expert, but looks kinda like the beginnings of Halymenia sp. or even Gracilaria hayi
  5. Harrisonbored

    Help with pest algae id.

    https://www.reefcleaners.org/nuisance-algae-id-guide ^A good starting point for looking at possible cleaners
  6. Harrisonbored

    Need more blue & purple corals

    a different path could be Blue Ochtodes/Blue Hypnea macroalgae.
  7. Harrisonbored

    Best place to purchase dry rock??

  8. Harrisonbored

    Thy Holy Tome of ID Sites

  9. Harrisonbored

    Micro Chitons

    HA! Guess that's why other sites charge such a premium price. I'd rather give my money to you though...just sayin'
  10. Harrisonbored

    Micro Chitons

    I'd think you'd clean up from micro brittle stars alone
  11. Harrisonbored

    What's the name of this fish

    Google is a great tool...that being said. The Bird Wrasse is NOT reef safe (it WILL eat all your cleanup crew) plus it needs a LARGE tank and room to hunt. If you have a large FOWLR with plenty of rock then I've seen it get along with your other wrasses before. The other wrasse I wouldn't be comfortable saying till it was CORRECTLY identified. Whatever it is though, there is a good chance the 6-line and it will fight.
  12. Harrisonbored

    What's the name of this fish

    Pics and GIF need to be better but if I were guessing I'd say GIF is a Spottail Coris and pics are of a Bird Wrasse http://www.fishbase.se/identification/specieslist.php?famcode=362&areacode=&spines=&fins=
  13. Quite the opposite in fact (though I seem to be the exception) They spread quickly and totally filled the tank in nicely BUT they would also recede for any other coral pushing against it. Zoas, Montiporas, Mushrooms and Xenia all eventually spread over the cloves territory. Unfortunately that tank eventually crashed and I lost that particular "strain" of the cloves...but I'm still on the lookout for it.
  14. I had a RFA that settled right next to a Ponape Birdsnest and neither seemed to care. Wish I could find that pic but here's another instead with softies. The blue cloves and zoas grew right up to its edge