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  1. Dendro Stretching

    Interesting read https://reefs.com/magazine/a-field-guide-to-the-sun-corals-164/ Not sure if this section applies to yours or not... One name that is frequently misapplied to this species is D. fistula. It’s almost impossible to determine where misidentifications like this originate, but once an incorrect name gets used it tends to stick. Aquarium authors are a steady source of these misidentifications, and a recent article by Young (2013) is a fine example. He astutely recognized that D. fistula had been synonymized as Eguchipsammia fistula and published the “fathead dendro” under this new name. Thus was born a new and even more egregious misnomer. E. fistula is a deepwater species with colorless polyps and a unique twig-like colony shape that is unattached and lays half-buried in the muds of the ocean floor
  2. Where to get Seasonal Data for Water Temperatures

  3. Identify this pest please

    kinda looks like the start of plating Coralline
  4. Possible baby mantis?

  5. Where am I going wrong?

    I think if it were copper your shrimp would be dead. I can see aptasia...which are known to sting/irritate adjacent coral.
  6. Non photosynth gorg

    http://www.kpaquatics.com/product-category/gorgonians-octocorals/ Deja vu?
  7. Intelligent Design is Natural Filtration

    So in watching your YouTube channel it seems like you favor airstones and/or waterfalls for your tanks. Those videos are a couple years old now...have you changed anything or found a more efficient way?
  8. Intelligent Design is Natural Filtration

    amazing info. I had never even considered marine fungi, but now in retrospect...duh. what about transuranium elements and their effects?
  9. Intelligent Design is Natural Filtration

    Looking forward to reading this thread. I completely agree with the "don't fight Mother Nature" type system philosophy. But your title got my mind to thinking about the "Dinosaur pee" debate.
  10. Colors

    http://www.kpaquatics.com/product-category/nano-reef-livestock/ ^photosynthetic gorgs & whips
  11. FREE Tech M Magnesium

    I just found an unopened 16oz bottle of Tech M in the back of my cabinet. It has an exp. date of 2/16 and since I'm not running a tank at the moment it's free to whoever wants it. pickup is in Santa Clarita or Bev. Hills CA.
  12. 10 Gallon Nano Reef in the Works

    Is your tank length 20 or 24? Actually nevermind...just go to the lighting forum http://www.nano-reef.com/forum/25-lighting-forum/ and read...and then read some more
  13. 10 Gallon Nano Reef in the Works

    Red Bush (Gracilaria) always did great for me. Both times I tried Maidens Hair it got devoured by my hermits and emerald crabs. Read up on Halimeda and Calcium. Never had Mermaid's Fan. So what's your budget for lighting?...that will help us help you better. Goby/Pistol shrimp combos are entertaining...but they kick up sand...occassionally burrowing where you don't want them to. So any corals on the sandbed (Plate, Brain etc;) could get pissed off
  14. 10 Gallon Nano Reef in the Works

    Lots of variables here...lighting requirements, flow needs, some suck a lot of Ca or Mg or I, some can go sexual...are you primarily looking for nutrient export, pod breeding, cool looking or all of the above? There's a bunch of AMAZING macro tanks here on NR...look at those system setups and see whats working for them.
  15. 10 Gallon Nano Reef in the Works

    First off welcome to NR! This site is a wealth of information...just use teh search function and almost any question you have will have already been discussed/answered previously. That being said, I'll tell you what has worked for me in regards to your questions and budget limitations. You will be fine with 1 powerhead. Lighting...I'd get a Par bulb and a desk lamp that you can adjust the height on. AC20 as a fuge? Nope...you'll want to be able to add filter floss, Purigen etc: instead. Plus you'd need to buy another light just for the fuge. Just add some macros to the display instead. Your coral selections are fine...but your livestock choices I'd reevaluate. Tanaka wrasse (my absolute favorite fish I've kept...Pink Streak Wrasse too)...they require a ton of rock with holes and cracks to swim in and out of to feel safe. if there isn't a ton of rockwork they will just hide...and you don't want that? Plus wrasse are constantlyhunting...so goodbye to any pods, worms, snails, shrimp (that will fit in their mouth)...basically any clean up crew you have will eventually be harassed. With no clean up crew, your maintenance schedule must be aggressive and diligent or else the inevitable algae issues will pop up. Clowns (or poop machines) will also require diligent maintenance. If you search you'll see that in the long term most of the successful smaller nanos usually start with inverts and maybe a goby or two and then as the tank matures move on to bigger fish. I'm not saying that what you're proposing can't be done...it's just going to be a lot harder for you. And everyone is trying to set you up for success! Hope this helps