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  1. Wow!... Can I have some for free? :3
  2. I have all that algae because I started slacking off and started doing a water change every two weeks... But honestly, this is about the clam + clownfish not the algae. D:
  3. Oh my god, that's AWESOME!
  4. Well, I had done a water change and the clam was closed up. But yeah... I have an algae problem... (Surprisingly, no nitrates!)
  5. Every minute of every passing hour, I know where to find my clownfish...
  6. Voted. Awesome pic. FUS RO DA!
  7. Wow!
  8. Have one my self.
  9. Sorry if it's a bit tiny
  10. This also turns out to be my banner so there is text in the photo.
  11. Like it!
  12. You win >_<
  13. THE SAME THING IS HAPPENING TO ME RIGHT NOW! I had four shells, and one inhabited one so there were still four, then one died out of the blue (haha, out of the blue... Get it?) so then there were five and STILL whenever a snail goes on the sand they tip them over and start clawing at them. Anyways, great photo, I put one up on mine but yours is much better >_<
  14. No >_< Not really...