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  1. Lighting Schedule?

    I'm sorry, wrong number. Let me go test my water right now. O_O Okay, good news. Phosphates are officially 0 and all corals are alive.
  2. Lighting Schedule?

    Close to zero last time I checked my water... I think around < 0.2?
  3. Lighting Schedule?

    Thanks, I'll try it. Anyone got any other ideas?
  4. Lighting Schedule?

    Hello, Numbus here. I'm just worrying about my lighting schedule. Recently, I've had an outbreak of Red Slime Algae, and the corals have been looking... dinky, for a lack of a better word. I have to replace my lights anyways, but I was just curious about how much my light has been on. I searched up other users' lighting schedules and they seem to have quite a different one as mine... I have an AquaticLife light fixture that automatically changes the lights according the times you program into it. Anyways, I inherited this tank from my brother, and these are the times he told me to use: 7 a.m.: 10,000k's and T5 HO's turn on 8 p.m.: 10,000k's turn off 11 p.m.: T5 HO's turn off, LED's turn on 3 a.m.: LED'S turn off Cycle restarts So these are the times I do use. I have 2 of each light type (10,000k, T5 HO, LED), the light fixture is 24" long, and my tank is 21 gallons. Hope this information helps. Thank you for reading, if you did, and I would love a response! Have a nice day, afternoon, evening, dawn, dusk, sunrise, sunset... Whatever... As always, Numbus Check out my main forum!
  5. Numbus's 21 gal. Acrylic Box!

    Okay, so a little update since I don't have my camera: The red algae is back. Poof! It's back. Yeah... I took the Skimmer out of the tank to try and fix it while it's out of the tank. I'll check the wire, the pump, and the tubes inside of the Skimmer itself. Finally, I think I'll be getting rid of the 6-Liner for sure, but I don't know what to replace him with. If I get rid the Wrasse, it will open up to the possibility of getting shrimp: Pistol Shrimp, to be more precise. Maybe I will get a Pistol Shrimp and a Watchman Goby for them to match up and do... symbiotic... stuff. Who knows, maybe it will actually work unlike my clownfish hosting my clam instead of two anemones... If you have any ideas for a cool fish to add, just tell me. Also, if you have any suggestions for a better clean up crew, as the Nassarius Snails won't clean up the Red Algae, and my Scarlet Reds and Dwarf Blue Hermit Crabs won't clean up the Hair Algae. Also, I'm almost 100% the Red Crabs and Emerald Crabs are gone... Anyways, As always, numbus
  6. Numbus's 21 gal. Acrylic Box!

    Ah yes, and I think I will be selling/just plain getting rid of my Six-Liner Wrasse. I never see him very often, and wrasses, just being aggressive by nature and taking up space, truly limit the amounts of life I can have in my tank.
  7. Numbus's 21 gal. Acrylic Box!

    Hey guys, I'm back! Some things new with the tank. To start off, the Candy Cane died while under the care of my parents, however they replaced it with a new one. Also, there was a bloom of Red Carpet Algae. However, when I returned, I took care of it and it seems to be under control now. Lastly, I got something called "Reef Energy". It's pure energy, nutrients, and vitamins for the corals so that all they do is absorb the substance as opposed to digesting food to get energy. Basically, it skips one step in digestion in order for there to be more energy. I'm glad I'm back, and that's that! ... Except... While I was gone, I had made such an impact on two of my friends that they switched their freshwater tanks to saltwater and now have a reef. At school, we made an inquiry question and may possibly start a school-funded saltwater tank at our school, run by us three! I may be putting my clam in there (after it cycles, of course) in order for this damn clownfish to host my anemone, hopefully. Yes, that is still a problem. All I ask is for some suggestions for the new tank? I'm thinking the maximum the school will let us buy is a 30 gallon tank, however we find out at 8 o'clock tomorrow. But what kinds of filters do you recommend? What kinds of skimmers? SUMPs a must? Should I get a biopellet reactor? Anything at all. Here is what we're thinking so far: Tank: - Glass for sure - Titanium heater - Bak Pak Skimmer - Penguin Filter - SUMP if school will fund Possible fishes: - Try to pair clownfish (don't know what kind yet) - Try to make them host an anemone - In order for this to happen, the clownfishes would be the first fish introduced Either - Red Mandarin Dragonet Or - Goby and Pistol Shrimp Or - Both Also, are Pistol Shrimp and Sexy Shrimp compatible? If you know, let me know, please. As always, numbus.
  8. Actually, another quick question (probably last one): Do you think this will kill Aptasia as well? I have one little Aptasia guy, and he's been in the tank for two years and still hasn't reproduced or spread yet, but want to get rid of him just in case.
  9. Numbus's 21 gal. Acrylic Box!

    To whoever hears this (sees this): I'm going to peroxide dip.
  10. Okay, so I have a picture in the POTM, and iball told me to peroxide dip, since it is evident in the picture that I have quite a bit of algae. The first thing I thought of was: How the heck do I do that? Anyways, this forum is my saving grace. I'm going to peroxide dip, but I'm wondering: How strong was the peroxide? 3%? 6%? I believe I have a 6% bottle in my bathroom at the moment.
  11. P6060046

    Wow!... Can I have some for free? :3
  12. Have you ever seen...

    I have TWO anemones and my clownfish still hosts my clam. It's because he's tank bred (no natural instinct to head for the anemones...) Kind of disappointed. I think I'm going to take the clam out for a while. (Just look at my signature...)
  13. Lemme' In!

    I have all that algae because I started slacking off and started doing a water change every two weeks... But honestly, this is about the clam + clownfish not the algae. D:
  14. Peeking

    Oh my god, that's AWESOME!