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  1. cleanning live sand and live rock

    Im going to wash off the live rock with warm water and lightly scrub with brush. As for live sand I will sture it up alot and let it settle then do a water change to remove junk. All I have then ar a frw confused fish. thanks for the help guys mike
  2. I need to know if I can wash my live sand and live rock in fw if I get it back in saltwater soon. How long would I have sand and rock is very heavy in detris and does need a good wash. Just need to know how to scrub rock and wash out detris from live sand . mike
  3. Lighting Survey

    I have a question I have t5 lights 96 wats 2 antic and 2 14K. They are on my 29 gallon aio tank the tank has a completely covered top all acril small part opens in center to feed ect. Does the acril affect m y lighting and if so how and what to do thanks
  4. Just sitting around

    Huh what ya mean?
  5. Just sitting around

    was shot thru a acrylic tank so is a bit fussy
  6. Just sitting around

    I have a 29 gallon newer reef tank made by sea clear/clarity plus just got this guy at the right time
  7. nano skimmer

    I am looking to find a real small skimmer to fit in my Clarity Plus 26 gallon all in one sump. It doesnt seem to have enough room for any internal skimmer so I need info on hob skimmers what one to get ext. Cheap is good