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  1. plumbing advice

    Man, I really appreciate all the info and experience, guys. My sumpless 20 gallon's been going great for four+ months, but I'm really enjoying reef keeping. I'm excited by the prospect of running a more sophisticated system. Unfortunately, money's a little tight, so I'll be moving forward slowly with this project. I'll have to look into some sump designs. It seems there are a lot out there. Honestly, I'm a little intimidated. I don't really understand the physics behind plumbing. Well, I should say that I don't have much practical or hands-on experience with it.
  2. plumbing advice

    So, I'm considering setting up a standard 29 gallon tank. I would like to run a sump with refugium, but I have never done any plumbing of any kind before. I've searched the forums a bit, but am left with a few questions. Is a cheap, standard 29 gallon tank purchased from one of the chain stores suitable for drilling multiple times? I know if the glass is tempered, the answer is no. However, will three drilled holes (BeanAnimal style) significantly weaken the structure of the aquarium, making it prone to cracking? My second concern is flooding. I live in an upstairs unit with neighbors that presumably enjoy their ceiling, and I have wooden floors that look nicer without warping. Is the BeanAnimal system pretty failsafe? Anything else I can do to prevent the tank or sump overflowing onto the floor? Lastly, I'm wondering how much of a benefit a sump can be to a reef system. Again, I've read a bit about it, but have no practical experience. I guess what I'm asking is if it's a world of difference on something as small as 29 gallons. Thanks in advance, guys.
  3. AquaClear fuge mod vs. Hydor Skim Slim

    Thanks for the info, guys. It looks like I'll be going with the AC fuge... Probably the 110 model over the 70, for the increased volume. My tank's been up for going on four months now, and I'm having some mild algae appearances lately. I've been able to keep it from overgrowing, so far. Hopefully this will put the final nail in its coffin. I'll probably pick up some form of skimmer in the future. Who knows, I may upgrade to a fully-plumbed 29 gallon with all the proper hardware by then.
  4. So, I'm pretty much a saltwater noob. I've got a basic 20 gallon long aquarium setup. I do not currently run a sump, refugium, or skimmer. I'd like some folks to weigh in with their opinions. Which should I spring for, a DIY AquaClear refugium or a Hydor Slim Skim Nano protein skimmer? Which would be more advantageous and why? I've read differing thoughts on whether or not skimmers are worthwhile on such a small tank.
  5. Anyone Try This Live Sand...?

    Don't over-think - buy and ingest.
  6. crushed coral or fine sand

    What about something with a grain size a bit bigger or more varied than fine sand? The extreme sizes seem to be more popular by far, but you can find something middling if you look around.
  7. New Aquarium

    LiveAquaria is popular for livestock. Marco Rocks is popular for liverock.
  8. when they say live rock they really mean it!

    How about a euphyllia species - like frogspawn, hammer, or torch corals? Anthelia and xenia are pretty invasive, but should add plenty of movement.
  9. occalaris clownfish

    My juvenile ocellaris swim the entire length of my 20 long. They haven't started showing any hosting instincts yet, so maybe that's why they're such travelers. 5 gallons still seems so tiny for a pair of 3" fish.
  10. occalaris clownfish

    They're probably a hell of a lot happier now.
  11. clown doing "burnouts"?

    My bicolor blenny does this sand-kicking maneuver, too. When he gets an area dug out, he lounges in it.
  12. Storing Salt Water - how long?

    I am very new to the hobby, but I have used mixed water from one large container for 3 weeks of water changes. All parameters remained the same throughout that period. You should be good to go.
  13. Brogognor's 20 Long

    Hello all. I'm new to the site, and still pretty new to saltwater (this is my first tank). I've had a few freshwater tanks over the past couple of years, but wanted to try something new. December FTS January FTS Equipment cheap 20 long tank AquaClear AC30 filter Aqueon 500 pump Aqueon Pro 100w heater 30" AquaticLife T5HO fixture w/ stock bulbs 20lbs of live rock (18lbs of dry rock from BRS, 2lbs of live rock from LFS) 20lbs of aragonite Inhabitants one bicolor blenny two ocellaris one emerald crab one million snails Corals ricordea frogspawn The tank has held water since mid October. The emerald crab was a hitchhiker. I let everything run for a couple of months, then added the blenny. A few weeks later, I added the clownfish. On Tuesday, I upgraded my light fixture to something that would support coral. Yesterday, I added my first two corals.