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  1. nano tank breakdown no more sw for me!

    Everything that's left, buy it all for 75 plus shipping. Around 20... Everything in pics except the glass cleaner, coral frag rocks and coral vite bottle.
  2. nano tank breakdown no more sw for me!

    SOLD some things to Ibuyen. thanks for the $$! Its on its way! paid @ 5pm and was at po at 5:20!! also both ac70's i will discount from 40 to 34! if you buy both... they both work good and dont leak.
  3. nano tank breakdown no more sw for me!

    Heaters sold. Thanks mpekoske!!
  4. I've got a few items for sale. listed price plus shipping. Most will fit in to medium sized flat rate boxes. pics and prices below. Paypal only and I will ship asap. BUY both ac70=$ 34! shipping will be determined. all updated and sold items removed or noted. Two saltwater test kits both are older but worked for me. both are missing a few of the glass vials. (kids! and glass=sorry Daddy!)....$.10 each. both for $17. and glass clip. 2.50.....glass cleaner GONE. three bottles...all 3/4 full or so...$15. purple up worked really good... NOTICE.-- coral vite gone! coral frag rocks sold.. two sg meters, $3 each, the nori sheets...my tang didn't like..(please no flaming about tang..I inherited it..$3. Aquaclear 70, well used, has superglue gunk on inside where it had been converted to a nano sump/cheeto box. this was used with the overflow box made by one of the members here...cant remeber the name sorry... ac70..$20 has a superglue repair in corner also, pumps good a second one no mods but was repaired with superglue for crack in side also $20. pumps great too. Thanks for looking-- fastest way to reach me.. jec11718@gmail.com Josh
  5. Diy Moonlights With Pics

    did either of you notice that the last post was in jan of 2005?
  6. [FS] getting out of hobby sale

    120w leds....are they white only? or blue too?
  7. vacuum break gravity feed ATO

    i love when a 4yr old thread is resurrected. It gives a whole bunch of newbies new reading material!
  8. Hey Kat, do you know who that is in your picture??? a google search yielded me this, brings back memories as a kid, who loved GI JOE. CODE NAME: BLOWTORCH Real Name: Hanrahan, Timothy P. Rank: E-4 Blowtorch is the Joe Team's flamethrower.
  9. any ideas, my first though is sponge?? buttons are all closed due to peroxide dosing. thats why I noticed it.
  10. Tank build glass cut list

    glass tanks can be built either way, but I prefer sides on top.
  11. well, After following this thread since I joined, a colony of zoas that had some small gha... it has went beserk.. now a full fledged out of control!! I dosed direct to the rock, and then dosed a small quantity into my unskimmered 20tall. I have been fighting cyano for months and months....no di water just ro thats all thats available in my area, until just last week, one of our lfs got a di add-on to his ro. finally 0tds water! After pics when I see results!! If you notice, cyano everywhere, on sand, rocks, tank glass, the coraline is there too. the zoas are all closed after I squirted them direct with h202.
  12. threat removed

    is this for a 20long or smaller? what was the total cost...i'm thinking of doing one similar but for a 40b. Josh
  13. The Water Box

    james, are u still running the ps160? if you are there are a few threads on rc about modding it. I just broke off the return tube that is inside the body of the 160. (the big tube inside the main body). and a mesh wheel mod too. josh
  14. mike c's Forty-B

    mike c-- could you snap a pic of the yo-yo's...i'm looking for ideas for my 40b.