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  1. Color of the iwasaki 175w 15k?

  2. Color of the iwasaki 175w 15k?

    I was wondering how many people have had experience with the iwasaki 175w 15k DE Lamps, Im putting one of these over my tank with the Lumen max 2 reflector and icecap ballast. How blue does it look? More Blue than yellow or the other way around, and would i have to use PC actinic supplementation to get a nicer look. My tank is 16Lx16Wx20H" Thanks, Mark
  3. Nano-Reef.com Birthday Giveaway

    happy b-day!
  4. SOLD

    24g still for sale?
  5. FS 10g setup!

    the price is 250 obo for evrything im in so cal lakewood longbeach area
  6. FS 10g setup!

    aga 10g coralife 1x96xPC qouadlight AC110 fuge with surface skimmer 50w pro heat heater Eheim powerhead lots of chemicals digital thermometer 10lb live rock and sand Im selling this tank because i have no time for it with school and work...the tank was only set up for about 3 months befor i started school agin...evrythings in perfect condition like brand new...pics are in the gallery just search under member name lighterofcandles to see the tank...im asking 250 for evrything obo
  7. Pre 10 Gal questions

    i use an AC110 with the skimmer attatchment and it works great and makes alot of extra flow in the tank...as for a skimmer i would get an aqua C remora they run around 250 a lil pricey but way worth it...
  8. nanogirl314 - My Aquapod 12 =)

    great start!
  9. WTB coral frags CHEAP!

    haha thanks
  10. WTB coral frags CHEAP!

    i really need some coral frags to fill up my new tank...im in college so i really dont have alot of money so some plezzz hook me up with some coral!!!! would like to pick up local...im in socal 90706 lakewood/bellflower/longbeach area THANKS!!!
  11. New 10g

  12. New 10g

  13. Pre 10 Gal questions

    The aqua clear fudge rules i have one on my 10G it adds alot of extra flow and u can buy the surface skimmer attachment for around 20 bux...that keeps all the nasty junk from building up on the top of the water...

    ill take the orange rics...PM me
  15. How were you first introduced to nano reefs?

    everyone said it would be to hard...so i did it neways