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  1. Love the molly miller blenny! Best fish I ever owned!
  2. Amazing! I love the corals growing on the glass, I'm trying to do that in my tank.
  3. This better be TOTM!!!! It looks incredible!
  4. Have you considered the LEDtric Inspire? Its a great fixture.
  5. that is a very good kit, also they will customize it. search around to see how people have been customizing their kits
  6. n. wennerae is small and very active. they are common hitchhikers in Florida live rockrock or you can get on from saltwater.
  7. I have to remove the sand again. There's so much detritus its scary.
  8. Nice, thats really simple. So how has Texas been cowgirl?
  9. stock plans: Blue ribbon Moray(will be transfered to 180 when its too big or agressive) or Snowflake moray 3 fuzzy dwarfs 1 cockatoo waspfish yellow coris wrasse And maybe if i dont get the eel, and the temp is right- a redfin wasp and a h. reidi or h. erectus seahorse
  10. Should I buy a used pump, or bite the bullet and pay full price?