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  1. Love the molly miller blenny! Best fish I ever owned!
  2. Amazing! I love the corals growing on the glass, I'm trying to do that in my tank.
  3. i have the sticker from macna on the back of my phone.
  4. morgan, i can show you a place where you can collect these instead of buying them. its legal too!
  5. the hammer seems to have grown alot.
  6. are these wild caught specimens?
  7. its rock flower nem.
  8. I voted for Pedro.
  9. Pedro!
  10. ^that means "that is quite dazziling"
  11. I think it's a cleaner wrasse.
  12. Wahoo is delicious! I caught one around that size a couple years ago in bimini.
  13. That angler makes me go crazy! I want one!
  14. sorry for it being so small. i dont know why it is like that. i hope you like!