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  1. i<3nanotanks' Nanobox/Minimalistic 20L

    :lol: now you see why i liked that little clownfish so much!
  2. i<3nanotanks' Nanobox/Minimalistic 20L

    Thanks again for taking her, i had originally bought her for breeding as well, she looks great in there! my wife says you should rename her sheeba, because she is queen of the tank ha ha thanks again nanotanks and good luck getting some little onyx percs going on if you need info go to rareclownfish.com , it'ss a clown breeders forum where i would get my info.
  3. Beware of Aquastyle

    not to start something, but the guy could be overwhelmed with work and orders which could be causing delays, just because he is a business owner does not mean he is living the high life. most small business owners put in 100+ hours a week so please try to be a little less judgemental.
  4. Beware of Aquastyle

    ive ordered things from china before that took over a month to get to me, just relax especially during chinese new year, i'd give them 3 or 4 weeks before you get too edgy.
  5. Heat Pack help!

    tried wally world, the longest they had was like 6 hours, i found a 20 hour pack at a local hardware store, guess ill have to fork out for the overnight shipping.
  6. Heat Pack help!

    i found a home to ship my Onyx perc to, but what stores carry 48 hour heat packs? this is what i have around me -grocery stores -lowes -gander mtn. -Dicks sporting goods do any of these have them, or do you have any suggestions? i have to get this shipped out bu tues and don't have time to order online, i leave the 13 of this month!
  7. Fearless 2.5g petsmart pico

    Ok the deal is all set, thankyou to i<3nanotanks he is getting a good fish, and i trust he will give her the best of everything in his 40breeder, it looks good and she will have much more room to thrive, i can't thank him enough, now where can i get a 48hour heat pack? this is the only thing i don't have on hand here?
  8. Wanted to share a pic from the boston aquarium.

    is there a nano photography topic in the forum, i looked and did'nt see one, but i have a tendancy of not seeing whats right in front of me either? or does the gallery act as the photography forum here?
  9. i just wanted to share this pic i took at the Boston aquarium last year of a jelly, i took me like ten minutes of waiting to snap this. take a look this has not been retouched at all btw, taken with sony handicam.
  10. DIY is dead easy if you choose to go that route, and you can get a lot more out of your money that way too, but PAR bulbs are a good option for your price range, not that going to ledgroupbuy.com and rapidled for a heatsink and driver would not stay in your price range. i wouldn't go with that little light i don't think it would put out enough PAR to support anything? If you do DIY do 3 royal blues to one neutral white LED to get a 14k look. for a tank of that size i would go 12 bridgelux royal blue 3watt led's and 4 Neutral white leds one deep red 660nm led one cyan led and one true violet, if oyu don't get color rendering out of that combo then i don't know what will, they all come standard from bridgelux with 120 degree optics installed and you can put them closer to your water line, or you can go with the more expensive cree linup. I use meanwell drivers personally, i like em. and drilling and tapping a heatsink is easy as pie. or a par bulb will keep it simple it up to your personal preference and how much work you want to do.
  11. Fearless 2.5g petsmart pico

    Allright, ive got the led light over this temp style, i have another two royal blues and a deep red LED for the fuge coming, there is a bit of color shadowing which i will fix by lifting it up a couple inches,I will make a topper for this thing when i have a few minutes, i also am trading my bonnie to someone i think can take good care of her for a couple zooanthid colonies with the following polyp types. Armor of god Paly's my clementines pale blue zoanthids seemed like a good deal, but i will miss my fish, however from what ive seen she will be in good hands, ill post who got her when the deal is complete.
  12. Fearlessmoto's 10.2 All-In-One

    thanks to rapidLED i got my cyan working fine, they have great customer support, (usually i have a screw loose, but in this case i had a mounting screw too tight. ) also i went through and did an epic cleaning on the tank as well as a 50% water change, all seems to be well also this will be the last time you will see my bonnie in the tank, i have found a home for her and am trading her for a couple rare zooanthid colonies to grow out in my 10.2 and 2.5 pico. more info on that to come, so here is the last pic of bonnie from me as well as the freshly cleaned tank.
  13. You Must Be Fearless!

    Link to 2.5 thread in my signature now! posts and pics!
  14. My Custom 10.2gallon DIY allinone

    It's not plastic, i spray painted glass with krylon fusion paint (ONLY KRYLON FUSION) glass is a hell of a lot cheaper than acrylic for smaller builds. the link for the rest of the 10.2 thread is in my signature also my 2.5 gallon pico, my 20gallon has been retired. you can buy colored acrylic online but it's pricey in my opinion.