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  1. Generally speaking here, how much should a bag of LS cost? My LFS has it for 24.99 for 20 lbs and just wondering if thats a good deal? Help Me!!
  2. Check with digitallinx...She has a neon dottyback!
  3. Ok nvm...thats a dottyback! Very nice!
  4. Those last pics, are they a blenny with a mandarin? Just wondering because I really want a Mandarin when I get my tank set-up, but will wait about a year or so! Oh, nice tank by the way! Chris
  5. Well considering its a 6 gallon, even two fish the size of percs are too much for the tank. But if you have a healthy system it may work, just remove the other fish you have! Don't get 2 more percs, 1 will be better and if you want, take the one you have now and buy 2 from there...maybe a mated couple! HTH Chris
  6. I know you guys have pics of fish.... come on!
  7. WOW...what a nice pic..Oh wait there is no pic!
  8. I've heard and seen them host even a Powerhead beleive it or not!
  9. Well, I haven't started my tank yet but thought this would be a cool thread to see all the wonderful types of fish you wonderful people have!
  10. It looks like some sort of muscle but I'm not quite sure! Chris
  11. Ok...I knew that LOL. That was very useful and come to think about it I got an HOB on my FW tank. What kinda filitration should I get on a 29 gallon FOWLR? And what other things should I get if all I want is fish and a couple inverts?
  12. I know this is probably a stupid question and I'm a newbie but what is a HOB Filter and what is it used for?
  13. Yea I wanna see a couple of pics so I can no where to start on my tank if I get one so pics would help!
  14. sounds good to me..where u gettin that at? I need sumthin like that!
  15. I gotta question? Is that a Pistol Shrimp with a Goby or am I just seeing things? Just wanna know because I want this kinda relationship with my tank when or if I get one!