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  1. JamesHL88

    Reefing What if's

    what if I didnt regularly get drunk and play shoulder deep in my tank?
  2. JamesHL88

    The Water Box

    Fts Left tower Right tower Fuge My sun The bulb in the middle costs over twice as much as the ones on the sided. Go figure.
  3. JamesHL88

    The Water Box

    Gonna try and upload some pics I just took on my phone.Its definately not what it used to be. But it still looks good. I had ich or something wipe my fish out. So its just a clown pair and two damsels right now. Dr. Pepper is still with me. I havent water changed since the last time I posted about it. Thats also the last time I changed the carbon lol. I removed the skimmer a while back. Just basicly a bunch of neglect. I lost the birdsnest and most of the monti. Rescaped it and as long as I whipe the glass every couple of days its still a beautifull tank.
  4. JamesHL88

    The Water Box

  5. JamesHL88

    Anyone used a Coral Compulsion PAR 38?

    I have 2 coral compulsion full spec 14000k par 38 bulbs and an exotic 20k par 38. I like the coral copulsions much better. I like the color, the price, and the dimmers. They are great budget leds.
  6. JamesHL88

    tpallas' 33g SPS Coral Dropoff Nano

    Yeah I don't usually say this on the equipment phase of a build, but that is a beautifull tank!
  7. JamesHL88

    55 Gallon - 2 years old

    Nice video. Mail me that crab.
  8. JamesHL88

    Die betta!

    I know but I've been looking at that thing ever since I joined. I was just pickin
  9. JamesHL88

    Die betta!

    Omg formula change your sig already lol its horrible
  10. JamesHL88

    55 Gallon - 2 years old

    Much cleaner design on the sump! Why did u derim it though?
  11. JamesHL88

    To Refugium or not to Refugium?

    I should also mention that my refugium holds like 20 gallons and the algae grows up and out of the water sometimes before I prune. So I feel its a pretty big, if not the main form of nutrient removal, in my system. When I pull out a basketball size clump of various algaes out of it I'm pretty sure its takin a lot of crap with it. My pittifull skimmer doesn't hardly collect anything and the only media I run is carbon.
  12. JamesHL88

    To Refugium or not to Refugium?

    I have a shallow sand bed in the display and a barebottom fuge.I like it because all the detriuos is supper easy to remove. I just turkey baste it into the water column and the skimmer goes nuts for an hour. Also all the lps open up to feed when I do this. Fuge all the way but set it up the way that u think it will be easiest to clean. Because then its more likely that u will actually do it.
  13. JamesHL88

    55 Gallon - 2 years old

    0.0 this is horrible man don't give up!
  14. Sorry guy. Someone beat u to it. Here's the thread http://www.nano-reef.com/topic/328230-who-would-do-something-so-horrible/#entry4359339
  15. JamesHL88

    way to go petco lol

    Hey OP, why don't you tell us a story about how u like to set the employs straight at burger king? Please? I just love your stories. I did laugh ...... at you.