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  1. JamesHL88

    55 Gallon - 2 years old

    That stand is awesome. I love the stain.
  2. JamesHL88

    GTI's 55 Gallon Rimless - Retired

    Btw I have a colony of those doctor who's in me tank. I didn't know what they were called, but they are the healthiest zoa colony in my tank. Edit: lol predictive text on my wife's phone thinks i should speak like a cave man
  3. JamesHL88

    GTI's 55 Gallon Rimless - Retired

    Tank is looking awesome! I wouldn't worry about the dusty algae on the glass too much GTI. Mine requires a magnet wipe down about once every two days. Wich im ok with. Also it went through some swings to get to this stable point. Just keep cutting back on your photo period until you have found a good balance for your tank. Keep in mind our larger tanks take a whole lot longer to mature than nano sized reefs.
  4. JamesHL88

    The Water Box

    Thanks for the replies guys . GTI, i was actually just using my phone for pictures. It was a Samsung galaxy S. Oddly enough i lost it this weekend witch is why i am just now seeing your replies. I tried my wifes fujifilm 12mp, but i seemed to get better color from my phone. Go figure. Dap, thank you for taking the time to check out my tank history. It means alot to me. And yes kat, everything seemed to be doing fine when i left on Thursday. Fingers crossed it is all good when i get home tonight.
  5. JamesHL88

    The Water Box

    Whatever ... i dont like none of yall's skank ass tanks either. Bump
  6. JamesHL88

    The Water Box

    FTS Others Also the xenia and two monti caps are recovering nicely from my previous facepalm. The xenia looks normal now. The montis are slowly regaining color. Thanks for looking
  7. JamesHL88

    Best quotable quotes on NR

    Thats dark ben lol
  8. JamesHL88

    The Water Box

  9. JamesHL88

    derimming a 20 long?

    I would imagine top rim would be ok they dont have a center brace anyways, i dont remember. Definately dont touch the bottom one on a tank that big. Also i woud be iffy about hanging equipment on a tank like that.
  10. JamesHL88

    The Water Box

    Well i did a 20 gallon waterchange with RO and salt. Thats all i can do for now fingers crossed. Maybe another large change in a day or so. So this mini-crash has made me painfully aware of the dangers of playing tap water rouhlete. The xenia is ugly and might pull through (who cares i hate the stuff). The monti caps are almost completely bleached now im pretty sure they are gonners. Funny, that those were the only three things afected by whatever chemicals were in the tap. None of the other corals in the tank seemed to notice, not even the birdsnest. Ill get some pictures of the damage up later.
  11. JamesHL88

    The Water Box

    i did something stupid last night i topped off with tap water because i was out of RO and being lazy. this morning my xenia looks whitish and both monti caps are flourescent pastel its not looking good.
  12. JamesHL88

    The Front Desk Tank

    Finally got some new pics. I added a few corals as well.
  13. JamesHL88

    Acclimating Mollies to Saltwater

    woot woot babies !
  14. JamesHL88

    JonnyJ's Elos System 70

    awsome tank love the video!
  15. JamesHL88

    The Water Box

    I had just turned the fuge lights on for the pics. They are on opposites light cycle from the display. They usually green up durng their photo period. I didnt even think about that when i took the pics (facepalm)