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  1. safemode's Fluval Edge 6g

    they seem perfectly happy in this tank. so I'll let them decide. And i know there is no such thing technically, it's just another name for basically tank bred clown fish. They're both doing great.
  2. True Violet 420nm LED's

    You're comparing the growth from hundreds of watts of halides to dozens of watts of led in almost all situations around today. If you want to compare growth, you have to compare equal wattage. Your comment on maximum absorption is true, if you are maxed out. And the maxing out has to do with pigment. There is only a few pigments that get produced by any given chlorophyl. While various plants have different levels of these, they dont necessarily blanket the photosynthetic range .. So if you saturate the pigment that absorbs blue, that's it. Adding a bluer blue (violet) wont help, as that would be light absorbed by the pigment that is already saturated. Your option is red. When red and blue are saturated you go to green. There aren't like pigments in there that do 450nm and 420nm and 400nm... it's just one pigment that absorbs at different levels the color we call "blue". It's peak efficiency is RB. and it fades around it. Adding violet if you have saturated it wont help.
  3. True Violet 420nm LED's

    anything between 400 and like 440 would likely be beneficial to photosynthesis. You do have to take into consideration that adding 1-2 watts in this frequency range will decrease the effectiveness of your light since putting those extra watts in the actual peak that RB's hit would be substantially more absorbed. If you want to play with color and not waste the light, rather than using more blues; use the right reds and you might have some neat color effects while still making practical use of your light. just remember, every watt you dont use for the 2 peak light frequencies that photosynth reduces the potential for the light. So you should do it for a reason that makes sense, like aesthetic reasons... doing it for "increasing photosynthesis" by utilizing a frequency that gets absorbed less rather than one that is the peak doesn't make sense.
  4. biocube MEGA upgrade!

    so you bought a biocube... removed everything that made the tank expensive compared to a regular glass tank ? Why not just get a regular glass tank? sorry, I know you're not the only one that does this to these AIO's but it's really odd. Seems like just a waste of money.
  5. safemode's Fluval Edge 6g

    update 2-11-12: Had to white balance correct these images. The blue led's saturate the camera's sensors FTS: Condy :
  6. Stealth Actnic for Fluval Edge 6g

    Sorry, this post was supposed to go to the tank thread, not the build thread. ps: Everything is still working great.
  7. white reef build

    update 2-11-12 Added some fish. Couple frags too. Light is going to be built this week. FTS: zoa frag
  8. JBJ LED 89 watt vs. Hamilton 250 watt HQI

    You can tape a plastic white trash bag piece under the light to dim. Also, a black plastic mesh is used to dim light by blocking a decent portion of it in ponds and such.... so it could easily be used to acclimate things to your led setup.
  9. Idea for Fluval Edge

    could check out my setup in my sig too. I'm about to build a second light using the remaining piece of heatsink and acrylic. I've been using it since i built it and it's working out really well.
  10. True Violet 420nm LED's

    The wavelengths that photosynthesis occurs at is not a mystery or some form of art. It's well established and known. Outside of the absorption wavelengths it's just a matter of aesthetic appeal as to what colors you want to add.
  11. Picoreefer's Fluval Edge Reef

    depending on the clown species, it may never get too big if kept in a small tank and not overfed.
  12. Rapid LED KIT

    definitely monitor the heatsink temp and ensure you have strong air flow across it. If it's running at 1000mA when you refer to 100% then you have over 72 watts (assuming 3w led) to deal with and that wont be done by some silent single 80mm fan. It should stay warm to the touch, not hot after being on for a few hours.
  13. First attempt: Fluval Edge 2 nano reef

    the edge 2 refers to the led lighting. they come in 6 and 12g versions. they are white boxed vs the older black box ones with halogen
  14. New maxi jet 1200 -> less heat?

    if the wattage is the same, the heat will be the same more or less. What can be improved is the flowrate. if the flowrate is improved then you may be able to run the new one at a lower power level (either with lower voltage or a pwm). Or use a lower model with the same improved flowrate. best to get the lowest power using pump you require than to restrict the flow of one too powerful.
  15. McGuff's 6 gal Fluval Edge

    I thought the stock filter was the ac10 . I can't imagine having any room in my filter if I put the heater in it. barely any room in it just with 250ml of purigen