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  1. 444rich Biocube 14

    I've been too busy, just doing basic maintenance, I cleaned it up and about to get started again.
  2. WTB Biocube 14 Hood

    I have one for sale its brand new .. Selling lights and all.. Will not seperate. $80 shipped
  3. Pennfishermans Biocube 14

    Looks like Ur off to a good start. I'd stay away from the fudge though just stick with the purigen and chemipure live rock and weekly water changes you will be fine. The fuge is more hastle than its worth. Esp if u use chaeto.. Small pieces break off and end up in your pump and tank. I don't really see any benefit. U will have enough fauna in your live rock
  4. 444rich Biocube 14

    Yes he is fine now... Looked like an onion lol Mp10 makes everything happier
  5. IM Nuvo 16 lots of pics Radion

    Love the reef... Not the dsb... I love a sand bottom but it's too much imh.. Also I'd clean up those wires... Takes away from the clean look of your tank, otherwise VERY well done
  6. Help me set up a cheap tank

    Not a good hobby if ur looking for cheap... Everything that makes a good reef costs alot. My advise is spend, some time in the pico forum.... Look into a jbj picotope and buy the best equipment... U can make an excellent 3 gallon reef
  7. 444rich Biocube 14

    Added mp10 last night, running reefcrest 50%.. this thing is sweet .. gonna glue some sps to the top of the reef next
  8. Anybody use ATO from AutoTopoff.com?

    I'd wait a month for this guy.. great product and service and cost and best of all, supporting American small business
  9. Clowns staying in 1 spot?

    Yes bad choice... unless ur able to get them a nem
  10. 444rich Biocube 14

    Woke up to find my nem PO'ed for some reason.. not worried about him yet.
  11. Rimless Biocube 14 with AI Sol Nano LED

    Great start.. I say get an MP 10 and go for acro.. how did you make the cover?
  12. 444rich Biocube 14

    Yes, right now I have my koralia in the same location as your mp10, but its pointed to the back wall, behind my scape.. where theres a dead spot without it. Its giving me the additional flow.. but like you said.. its just blasting water in one direction. What I like about the mp10 is upgradeability, adjustability and control.. question .. is there a timer that allows different flow at different timed of the day? Oh and I love the appearance.. that koralia is an eyesore .. even though it is one of the better looking powerheads. I hate seeing equipment in my tank.
  13. Pooh's 14G Cube

    Led looks great.. also one of the reasons I got an led... one for life .. also being able to keep anything and low heat ... its definately a step in the right direction...next thing I want is an mp10
  14. 444rich Biocube 14

    I was about to post a question about mp10 in a bc14... can you give some details on it .. positioning, settings... seems like its overkill... saying that its the best thing yo u got says alot..