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  1. Moving from east coast to west... any suggestions?

    My car was beyond packed, but my ro/di machine was in the trunk, along with a bag of salt to make 50 gallons... When i got to my new house i had a friend stop over with tools, and air mattress'. The first thing i did was hook up my ro/ di. Honestly, i left everything in the plastic bin for 10 more days.. Even though i brought my 20 long with us, i left the stand with the moving company. When the moving company arrived i set up the stand and tank. Used new livesand. Let setup sit for 24hrs then added rocks and fish. Never saw ammonia or nitrites, however my nitrates went to 20 ppm. I think all the water movement freed a lot of nitrate out of my rock. Its been a month and i still detect 5ppm or less nitrate. Hopefully i get it back to 0 soon...
  2. Moving from east coast to west... any suggestions?

    I think the trip was 1680 miles... I think the acro couldnt take the temperature fluctuations... My montipora did however survive!
  3. Moving from east coast to west... any suggestions?

    A little update. I sucessfully moved my 20 long with 25 lbs of rock on a 3 day journey. I used one large rubbermaid bin, with lid, and holes cut in center of lid. I had 2 powerheads in it and thats it. I had all rock, corals, and fish in one bin. If i had to do it over, i would of added my thermostatically controlled cooling fan to it. Temps ranged from 80-84. I would add ice on reststops in early afternoon. Bin was too heavy only half full of water. Had to bring it into motel rooms each night and put a heater in it... I lost one fish. A firefish. Think it died when i had to brake hard to avoid a tractor trailer almost squishing us... I lost my only acropora. Zoas and palys were unaffected. Mushrooms shrunk and r recovering. Acans took it hard. 2 acans fell off rocks and looked unscathed. All other acans that remained attached had death of new heads around edges, but have since recovered. Tank did not lose cycle... Id call it a 100% success!
  4. Top HOB Skimmers

    I'm using the bak pak 2r on my 20l. Works excellent. Was very loud for the first week, and is now pretty quiet. I had to adjust the skimmers pump to lay against the glass inside the tank to get rid of really bad resonance, and the air adjustment close to closed. Every day there's about 1/2" of very stinky dark water in the collection cup. I do skim pretty wet though. Mine is their newest one that came with the accela pump. Did not have to mod a thing like a lot of other people did with older style pumps. I spent weeks reading reviews for hob skimmers. Every hob skimmer has plently of negative user reviews, so your gonna have to use your own good judgement.
  5. Moving from east coast to west... any suggestions?

    Seriously, my drive from NJ to CO is 30hours if u do it nonstop... And that's not happining with little kids... More like 3 days from what I'm told.
  6. Moving from east coast to west... any suggestions?

    I'm from south jersey not north! A lot of north jersey people are like new yorkers!!!lol
  7. Moving from east coast to west... any suggestions?

    I'm currently in south jersey... I have a friend with tanks, and I'm thinking the overnight shipping method may be the simplest... He said he is willing to help if I decide to ship it...
  8. So I'm moving from new jersey to Colorado. I have about 25lbs of liverock lots of coral and about 5 fish in a 20long. I also have a 55g tank with 6 discus. I've already made the tough decision to sell my discus to simplify this. I really don't want to sell my discus, but I feel like I have to. Any suggestions on how I should bring my reef? I was thinking one small rubbermaid tub for each rock, and something similar for the fish, airstones in each container... I don't think this is going to be a one shot move, I'm sure there will be a flight also. Can I bring this on a plane? Or should I overnight ship everything? I'm thinking its gonna b real expensive to overnight this... Any ideas or suggestions would b greatly appreciated.
  9. clear hair algae? wtf is it?

    I found a few pics in forums of this same stuff... Noone had a name or cure for it. A few were hinting at a bacteria... I have some furan 2 I wouldn't mind trying, but people r saying not to dose the whole tank due to the possibility of killing all the good bacteria... Any thoughts on this???
  10. turbo snails are dumb as hell

    My turbo snail never flipped over. 2 weeks ago I realized I haven't seen it in a week. Found it clung to the glass stuck behind my heater. Took him out from there, now all he does is climb the glass and fall on his back and can't get up. I think my heater cooked his brain and he's now retarded...lol
  11. clear hair algae? wtf is it?

    You can see some long strands swaying in the center of pic... It's like a clear fuzz in areas, and longer strands in others
  12. clear hair algae? wtf is it?

    I can't get a decent pic with my leds, ill try again... It's not mucus... Tank has been up for 6 months... It's mostly on the backside of my rock, and various 1/4" strands on the front of rock, and on zoa stalks. Moves with the current. Just think gha, except clear... Palys, acans, candycanes unaffected by it. Only bothers my zoas. If I spot treat a zoa with peroxide zoa will be open in 3 days, but it persists on growing back...
  13. I had horrible gha. Tried everything. Nothing worked. Used API marine algaefix. Worked wonders. However I still have this Damn clear hair algea. It grows long, 1" in high flow low light areas. It never really bothered me, but its been bothering my zoas, and I can't seem to get rid of it. When zoas are closed u can see it on some of them. It does not grow on glass or sand. Just grows on rock and coral. A number of zoa heads have been staying closed over this. I just want to know what the f it is... Any ideas???
  14. Territorial Pistol Shrimp

    I had a pistol from the Caribbean for 2 days. I witnessed it go into a rock, snap its claw, and my firefish came floating out with its eyes bulged. I did a lot of research and found a lot of people have problems with the Caribbean pistols. And Caribbean pistols do not pair with gobys. I had to tear half my tank apart to get the f---er. I got a candycane pistol instead and its great. Paired with my Goby, always out. It will snap its claw at certain fish/shrimp, but I have seen no harm.
  15. I literally spent the last 2 weeks, every night trying to pick out a HOB skimmer. I wanted one with the pump inside it, but they were out of my budget. After reading alot of reviews, i decided on the Bak Pak 2R. The pump is mounted external of the skimmer, in the tank. Has anyone tried to move the pump to inside the skimmer? I would like to try and do this... But if i cant i'll just have to try and hide the pump behind my LR...