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  1. LED for a 35 gallon 24x24x15

    I have been looking at those just not 100% sure on them. I hope more people chime in!
  2. LED for a 35 gallon 24x24x15

    I knew I forgot one I have be looking at.I have be checking out the duo. Sorry Dave my keyboard just didn't want to type your lights to the list last night? Would love more opinions guys way too Many LEDs out there
  3. Hey everyone I am down sizing to 35 gallon and need help picking a led. The tank size is 35 gallon shallow 24x24x15 I have a $ 650 max but would love not to spend my max. And has to be able to grow anything. and no DIY. Any light but the AI Sol I had them there only ok. I have been looking at these radion gen 3 radion gen 2 radion gen 2 pro AI Hydra 52 AI Hydra AI Vega kessil 350 kessil 350w kessil 360w maxspect razor Nanobox duo and any others??? I am really open to anything. Let hear your opinion.
  4. Andy's Planet aquarium 120

    Well guys this tank has been broken down and sold. I am down sizing. Because I got too many hobbies/toys
  5. 20 Gallon SPS Suggestions

    Welcome to the gate way of a addict!!!!!! And of course the fun and good stuff... Tips- 1.Take it slow. 2. research (which sounds like you are good at ) 3. I know the goal is sps but I would build up the tank starting with easier and working my way up. 4. Enjoy Your Tank!!!!!!!! Good Luck
  6. Andy's Planet aquarium 120

    Well Problem after Problem lately lost most of my fish again And my Skimmer broke.... The SWC guy in Bali keeps blowing me off!!! SO bye bye SWC!!!!! I am looking at a Vertex omega 150 Or a SRO 2000 any input guys??? And any fish suggestions?
  7. Andy's Planet aquarium 120

    The fish finally got here 7 hours late around 5pm. There doing great everything made it. The anthias ate earlier the trigger hasn't. The trigger is still hiding he will buzz around for about 30 seconds then retreat to cave. I give divers den 10 out of 10 great people over there. I will be ordering again here In a couple weeks.
  8. Andy's Planet aquarium 120

    Well I got good news and bad news. While on the cruise my power went out here in Texas during the freeze. My house got down to 42 degrees! I only lost 3 sps frag I can't believe it! Now for the good stuff I got my Christmas gift coming right now. A box from divers den with 4 fish in it. Redtail trigger and 3 lyretail anthias! Can't wait! I will check in later.
  9. Andy's Planet aquarium 120

    Hey guys, Just a update. The hippo and flame wrasse died on me in qt. But the clowns made it to the DT again! Everything is good! I got some sps and acans at the frag swap 2 weeks ago and there all looking good. Only 5-6 days before I go on my cruise out of Florida while I am there I am going to world wide coral and shipping stuff back! Lucky for me I have a grandfather taking care for my tank.
  10. Design phase (42 x 17 x 16)

    I would do eheim for return and swc for skimmer.
  11. Andy's Planet aquarium 120

    Update on fish. Everything is doing get in qt. And my favorite fish store had a sale so a tiny hippo tang somehow ended up in my qt. everything is showing no signs of marine velvet or ich. I am still running copper in my qt. As of my DT everything is doing awesome I haven't added anything yet. But I am trying to hunt down a anemone.
  12. What fish would you have in 120 gallon?

    Friday night bump I need more lists:)
  13. FishBrawler ReefStock goodies

    Hey I wouldn't rip it apart! just move the system if you're not happy where it is.... and replace parts... just my 2cents..
  14. What fish would you have in 120 gallon?

    Nice list other than little too tangy for me. What awesome choices.
  15. What fish would you have in 120 gallon?

    I am loving this lists! Gives me lots of good ideas for my restocking plans. Keep all the lists coming!!!!!!!!