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  1. [Biocube 29 hqi] GravyReef's Build Thread

    I did try pellets the first couple days. Spectrum marine fish formula...1mm, sinking pellets...they would grab one in their mouth and spit it right back out...as if it was too big, or they didn't like it. However, I just gave them some and they ate several each. I have 2 nassarius....and I'll definitely need more. The fish do seem to miss more than they get, and so much of it ends on the sand. Once I have a better idea for what they'll eat, and how much, there will be less waste. The mysis is definitely a winner. Do you feed it every day or a few times a week as a supplement? Thanks very much Mushroom Boy. I'll have to track down some cyclopeeze & nutramar ova to try. Variety has to be a good thing! -Gravy
  2. [Biocube 29 hqi] GravyReef's Build Thread

    Update: Water params as of 2/11: Ammonia: 0 Nitrite: 0 Nitrate: 2-5ppm Phosphate: 0.2ppm Cal: 453 ppm Alk: 9.35 dKH Picture of the new (and only, except the snails) inhabitants: They've been in the tank since 2/8. Seem to be doing well. More finicky about food than I expected. I have every imaginable food for them....they seem to like frozen mysis & flakes. Tried gels, other frozen, and they don't even sniff at it. They seem happy. Anxiously waiting to find time to build LED's...I have all required parts. Hopefully soon! -Gravy
  3. Black Mesh Netting 1/2"

    <bump> Received the netting in the mail yesterday. Screen building project for the weekend! Thanks for shipping it out so quickly! -Gravy
  4. [Biocube 29] RedStang's Build Thread

    What did you order? My order had: Dwarf Ceriths (20) - though he sent me literally 100's, they are in every nook and cranny. Florida Ceriths (8) - These guys are great, very busy, all over the tank eating/cleaning. Nassarius (2) - buried most of the time, but they pop out remarkably quick when food is available Large/Medium/Small Nerites - Lazy! They huddle in one corner of the tank, and eventually crawl over the wall and fall into the back chambers where they stay (and have the chance to block a pump / stick an ato switch / or various other evils. -Gravy
  5. FragRock's BioCube 29G Build

    Nice video, tank is looking great. I like the arrangement of the rocks very much. Good to see that the legs are holding up! -Gravy
  6. Tinkering (leds installed! with pics)

    ....waiting patiently....
  7. [Biocube 29 hqi] GravyReef's Build Thread

    Update (2/4 ~5 weeks) Ammonia: 0 ppm Nitrite: 0 ppm Nitrate: 2.5-5 ppm Phosphate: 0.6ppm Calcium: 500 ppm (still getting high readings, not sure if they are accurate) Magnesium: 1350 ppm Alkalinity: 8.6 dKH pH: 8.0 Temp: 77.0 Salinity: 1.024 I think next week is fish week. Probably a pair of clowns. LED Update: LED's were shipped, I have everything else. -Gravy
  8. [Biocube 29 hqi] GravyReef's Build Thread

    Thanks bokaholic! See JDK's build thread when you do....and go rimless! Always the voice of reason...good advice Red. Hi n2tanks...I left my mp10 on the right side. My rocks are angled slightly, front left to back right, and I think having it on the right just provides good flow across and around the rocks at the moment. The mp10 gives a good blast to the left pillar, which is the future home of many high-flow corals! I also still like it for aesthetic purposes (not in view when looking at tank upon entering room). I think my worries about "opposing flows" were silly...turbulence is good, and since the mp10 speed varies so much, the water flow patterns change constantly anyway. Hope this answer helps! -Gravy
  9. [Biocube 29 hqi] GravyReef's Build Thread

    Update: LED's: All parts except the led's themselves are either here, or have shipped. Looking like a weekend project for early-mid February. Snails: I bought 2 nassarius along with the other snails...and they are hilarious. I have some tiny pellet food, and if I throw a couple pieces into the tank in the front right corner, they both come flying out of the sand and race over to grab it. Water quality: Seems to have really shaped up since the addition of the media. (purigen, cpe, etc.) I'm struggling with trying to stay patient...and being concerned that if I don't add something soon I'll "lose" the cycle. I'm not sure if the snails, and a couple crumbs of food here and there, are enough to keep the bacteria populations alive...but I don't want to rush out and buy livestock either. This pair of fish has been out on LA for a week now, and are tempting...pricy though. I'll probably wait until this weekend's water change, test again on Saturday, and decide what to do from there... -Gravy
  10. [Biocube 29 hqi] GravyReef's Build Thread

    Thanks Tink. They are everywhere....and they seem to be growing Mine were still huddled together as of this morning. One was missing and I looked everywhere for him....he crawled over the top of the fish saver guard, and was in chamber 3... Thanks JDK. I wish I'd seen your thread before I started. I really like the way your rimless tank looks. I'd have never thought to even try that! Thanks for the advice on the Hydor. My Aquaticlife isn't particularly noisy (yet), but I have no way to know how well it works until it actually has something to do! I'll see how things go. -Gravy
  11. [Biocube 29 hqi] GravyReef's Build Thread

    Update on water parameters: Ammonia: 0 Nitrite: 0 Nitrate: <5 (yay for water changes and purigen) Phosphate: 0.06ppm (rowaphos) Calcium: 481 Alk: 161ppm / 9 dkH pH: 8.0 Temp: 78 Salinity: 1.024 Snails have dispersed quite a bit. Might still take some out, but now that they're crawling off to different parts of the tank to do their own thing, it doesn't look like there are quite so many. The large ones are all huddled together on the glass for some reason. -Gravy
  12. [Biocube 29 hqi] GravyReef's Build Thread

    Second update of the day. Snails came from Reefcleaners.org. Lots of snails. 100's of snails. Probably too..many..snails.. Here's a pic of the bags as they temp acclimate: Couple pictures similar to the ones above, this time with SNAILS... I assumed many of the dwarf cerith shells were empty. Figured I'd dump the lot in, and pick out the corpses after I could determine which were which. I couldn't have been more wrong. I have 200+ living, crawling, eating snails in the tank. Not sure if I should thin out the herd, or just let them do their thing. I can't imagine there's enough algae growth to keep them fed for long... -Gravy
  13. [Biocube 29 hqi] GravyReef's Build Thread

    Update: Couple pictures of my diatom bloom! Is it obvious I can't wait to have something more interesting in the tank?! Next time I take pictures...there will be something other than single-cell life! -Gravy
  14. [Biocube 29 hqi] GravyReef's Build Thread

    It's been a slow year for snow. Had a storm in October, but then we were bare ground until about a week ago. Much of that melted on Tuesday when it hit 50! Might have to see if Vance's is still there. There's not much around here. I'm about 80 miles from Jay's in Salem, NH, which everyone tells me is worth the drive. -Gravy