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  1. Last fish for Biocube 29

    I was thinking of a fairy wrasse of some sort but wasn't sure what else might work.
  2. Last fish for Biocube 29

    I am looking for the last fish for my BioCube 29. It currently has a Starry Blenny and a Occelaris Clown. I am looking for one more fish for my tank, something that will be out swimming in the tank. It needs to be reef safe and I would prefer something peaceful. Thanks
  3. Algae ID

    All that is in the tank now is a CUC, snails and hermits. I had a Bangaii cardinal and added a clown fish that got velvet so I lost both. The tank is fallow now so I can make sure it is gone before I add any more fish. I am also have purchased a quarantine tank and am getting that set up to prevent issues in the future. As far as the algae is concerned, it has been about 3 weeks now and it is almost gone. It started to die off a few days ago, I guess I just didn't wait long enough before I asked the question.
  4. Algae ID

    I hav ebeen getting more and more of this algae on my sand bed the last couple of weeks. My tank is about 2 months old and am wondering what type of algae this is and how to get rid of it. At first I thought it was diatoms but it forms a skin or film over the sand bed and strings that sway in the current in spots.
  5. ID hitchhiker

    Just underneath the yellow/blue Zoas slightly to the left, one is crawling out of a hole in the rock.
  6. ID hitchhiker

    Yes, that is exactly what they look like. I am guessing there are a couple hundred in the tank, they must have come with my Chaeto and started multiplying. I'm glad they are good for the tank!
  7. ID hitchhiker

    Can anyone provide any information on what the hitch hikers in the photo are. I am referring to the white bug like thing in the center of the photo coming out of a hole in the rock. I have a lot of these in the tank. The picture was taken with my iPhone so it is not the greatest. If it is not clear I can get out my camera and try to gt a better picture.
  8. Ecoxotic Panorama Pro LED Module

    I think 5 units would be too many and I'm not able to add another Panorama under the canopy. I will look into the 2nd or 3rd options and do one of them. Thanks for the information.
  9. Ecoxotic Panorama Pro LED Module

    BioCube 29
  10. Ecoxotic Panorama Pro LED Module

    I have 2 transformers and 2 dimmers. I only have the money to replace one of the units right now. If I have 2 x 445nm and 1 12k, what would be the best for a 4th unit?
  11. Ecoxotic Panorama Pro LED Module

    Now that I have a few corals in my tank I am not completely happy with my color. I have 4 Panorama Pro modules, 2x12k and 2x445nm. I think I need to replace the 12k ones, but I am not sure with what. Should I just get 2x-12k/445nm or should I get something else?
  12. Ecoxotic Panorama Pro LED Module

    Yes the splash. Over is back on, everything fit inside it. And I still run the fans so heat is not an issue.
  13. Ecoxotic Panorama Pro LED Module

    No, I spoke with Ecoxotic and they said as long as I kept the fans running they would be okay. I did use rubber spacers between the modules and the stock reflector so air could get underneath them. I recently had the splash cover off after they had been running for about 5 hours and they were only slightly warm to the touch. Keep imind because I have 4 of them I am only running them at about 50%.
  14. Ecoxotic Panorama Pro LED Module

    The tank is new, just finishing up cycling now so I don't have anything in it yet. I don't have any issues with heat, actually the heater still turns on when the lights are on.
  15. Ecoxotic Panorama Pro LED Module

    Yeah the 2 12k is bright. I would have preferred a 12k/445nm but I couldn't pass up the deal on the ones I got. I have dimmers on then12k's and have turned it way down so the color looks okay.