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  1. No caption

    Before and after LED's
  2. DIY overflow

    Im eventually going to build a new tank but i dont want to drill it any ideas for a DIY overflow
  3. * dekand's 65g rimless w/20L display fuge *

    Im gonna keep up with this build
  4. Videos like Lafishguy

    Does anyone know of any videos like Lafishguy's? I find his videos very interesting!
  5. Sunken bomber

    If you could go to walmart and get a die-cast airplane model that would be cool so you wouldn't have to worry about the plastic but i don't know if it could leak heavy metals into the tank.
  6. Neto's DIY 22g ULNS Shallow Tank

    Is the tang happy in the tank? I'm not the tang police, just a curious hobbyist!
  7. Bad news that turned good!

    I guess I will try and give less food from now on and I'll go get a new sponge for my chamber. Getting a new sponge shouldnt start a tiny cycle should it? The highest my charts go is 160 and its at that yes i have 2 clowns but I do a 10% water change every week and this is the first problem I have ever had and have had the fish for about 3-4 months I have no clue why its in the lighting forum.
  8. Bad news that turned good!

    Its just weird that the nitrates are so high. I dont know what happened!!!
  9. Bad news that turned good!

    Yesterday (4/19), One of my clowns was pretty much gone. I went to bed and for some reason i decided to look at the fish one last time before I laid down for good. My smallest had lost all color and was almost translucent. She was on the bottom of the tank and was barely holding on. I went and got my mom and she agreed that it was probably going to die and told me just to try and go to sleep. We would take care of it in the morning. This morning i woke up and sneaked a peek and the fish was still alive ,but still looked terrible. I asked my mom to watch and if it died to take care of it. This afternoon my fish is doing astronomically better. I did a 10% water change as normal yesterday. I tested today and the nitrates where almost off the charts. I dont know how this happened I have never missed a water change. Should i do another 10% today to try and get them down. I am just so happy my fish is doing this much better!!!!!
  10. Excitement!

    you can go ahead and right that response
  11. Excitement!

    It looks like the color of a pink/purple tipped anemone. the fingerish part of the anemone.
  12. Excitement!

    It's most defiantly not aiptasia, I'm not a dumba**!!!!!
  13. Excitement!

    First I have been to a East Conference all week which is why i haven't noticed theses things. The first exciting news is that my coral that fragged itself, the frags are so much more noticeable. Second, I discovered a baby brittle starfish so when it gets big enough i can sell it and get a little money off it. Third, I think that my tank has sprouted a anemone. I'm not sure on this one but i will keep you guy's updated. So Exciting!!!
  14. answer the question....or else!!!!
  15. ADA Mini S

    Can you send me a link to the website? I would really appreciate it