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  1. A grain of Luck?

    Wow, thanks for that, I never thought of that possibility. I'll probably bag it up later on
  2. Crab Cakes 5.5

    I really like your tank, mines so similar in size and with that we run into a lot of the same problems. I need to start a tank thread...
  3. A grain of Luck?

    So today i received my 5 gallon bucket worth of Red Sea Coral Pro salt mix and to my dismay it wasn't in the stylish and quite colorful standard bucket.... Instead it was a normal bucket 5 gallon white bucked with a sealed lid. After a few minutes of prying I knew there was no way to open this thing without cutting into the lid which i really didn't want to do, since it would wouldnt keep humididty out. Nevertheless I called the lid manufactufer. Turns out lid is for hazardous chemicals only and requires a special machine to remove properly. So it turns out UPS broke my bucket and transfered the salt, bag and all. This is where I got really happy..... So i called Marine Depot where I placed a phone call to their amazing customer service and was delighted to find out they would be sending me a brand new 5 gallon bucket of Red Sea Coral Pro free of charge Now I have 10 gallons worth of salt mix for my 8 gallon nano tank..... I'll never have to buy salt again I'm just so pleased with how things turned out that i had to tell someone that would understand my joy :)
  4. Radio-active Fungia

    Gorgeous specimen my friend! Indeed
  5. About to Dose for Alkalinity (update 01/25/13)

    Racer I'm sure it depends a bit on the brand that you are switching to. I understand that Instant Ocean has received many good reports as to its effectiveness in a reef style aquarium, however Red Sea Coral Pro is without question a far superior product. IMO you would see more ill effects switching from Red Sea to a lesser product such as that of Instant Ocean. Versus upgrading to a more well rounded salt mix where you may see little discomfort in your livestock. *A clear difference in the quality of different salt mix brands can be determined by the speed at which the salt dissolves* Just my 2 cents
  6. chromis

    I would say cardinal fish with confidence
  7. AC 70 DIY Surface Skimmer

    Yeah i never really searched it up, wasn't sure if it'd been done. I used some guy's youtube vid for the idea and just kinda put my own spin on it. But if its gonna be a waste of time im just gonna leave it to beaver..
  8. AC 70 DIY Surface Skimmer

    Hello all, So my 10G nano tank is about 3 and a half months old, got some corals a few cardinals and some snails. Problem was i kept noticeing the scum on the surface of my tank, as ive heard occurs quite often with nano tanks and the AquaClear hob systems. So long story short i went to the hardware store and made a quick <$5 purchase and my surface has never been cleaner. To be honest i find the look of this build non-intrusive, and doesn't effect your ability to change to flow speed. I'm debating on whether or not to make a guide for people on here since i think this thing could really be useful, or to just sell pre-fabricated models. Let me get some feedback, Is anyone currently having this problem? Would you like me to go back and make a guide? How many people would buy one for <10$ + shipping? I'm just asking because i didn't document a single part of the process, so going back would be slightly annoying but it really does work wonders. Your feedback is much appreciated
  9. Protein skimmer

    I've got a 10 gallon nano reef tank with a few fish and some corals living within. For filtration all i have is a modified AC70 HOB filter which is now a small refugium. One problem ive been facing is a build up of sediment on the surface of my water. I am looking for opinions on the best possible skimmer to use, ive done some research but i would like some tested experience. I would prefer a smaller built contraption since on my small tank any large extrusion would stick out like a sore thumb. Thank you!!
  10. One Hell Of a Swordfish!

    No way was that monster released, in a perfect world it would be. As far as eating it goes of course they did, im sure everyone on that dock has a stocked freezer and i wouldn't doubt if a few fillets were sold to some local restaurant's. That bill is going to make one heck of a trophy! For all the haters of this video check out this massacre of some pint sized swords of the coast of Sudan!
  11. One Hell Of a Swordfish!

    This beast was caught in Islamorada Florida last week, at the gorgeous Bud-N-Marys marina. This is one heck of a catch even down here in the fishing capital of the world. Hope y'all enjoy this!
  12. Is it safe to run a blue led at night?

    Dang that sounds pretty terrible I'm just gonna try to keep feeding mine and hopefully nurse it back to health
  13. Is it safe to run a blue led at night?

    Well i didn't plan to run it all night, just until i hit the sack. I just wondered if the extra 3-4 hours of just blue light could mess up their cycle. I may end up turning on the blue an hour before the other white LEDs go on in the morning to help adjust to more intense light. After a little research i think once the critters adjust to the new light they'll be fine. Thanks, thats an Awesome piece of information! On a side note does anyone know if Arrow Crabs can regenerate lost limbs? Unfortunatly mine got mauled by my pistol shrimp and now only has one claw and one and a half legs, hes a pitiful looking tripod crab now but since hes still eating i'm feeling hopeful, any suggestions on that one?
  14. so i just bought this new ecoxotic 445nm Blue LED. I was wondering if it could possibly harm any life in the tank if i run it at night. Would it be better to have no light at all on during the night? Any suggestions will be appreciated PS: i have it set on a dimmer so its not going to be on full throttle, if that matters any
  15. Anyone know their anemones?

    Newest pic, took this one this morning. This is almost exactly what it looked like when i found it in the wild