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  1. WANTED: I.M. Nuvo 16 hardware

    bump. back in town. still need these
  2. hey guys, im looking for a few thing for a new innovative marine nuvo 16 I just got: -(2) spin streams - an 8watt 14k black skkye light - intank media baskets and I believe that's it for now you can reach me by pm here, email 06gixx@gmail.com or text 321-323-4525 thanks in advance, josh
  3. Few odds and ends...

    Still got the spin stream?
  4. Will you sell me the spin streams?
  5. FS: IM Skkye Light - 8w Black x2

    Still available?
  6. WTB: Marine Nuvo 16

    like the title says, looking for a nice Marine Nuvo 16.. pm me or text 321-323-4525 thanks
  7. thats a great picture of them and killer prices too. glws
  8. coral colonies for sale mainly zoas

    i also never got a pm from you about anything. and until just now had apparently overlooked your post on the thread so i appoligize for that. i had some local offers of trades i was working first but have now posted prices/quantities on whats left. if you see something you like shoot me a text or pm and well go from there. if not, im sorry we couldnt do business.. as for you teflon tom, you may pound the sand that sits in the bottom of your aquarium. ive already made more than your offer on the few things i have sold for cash and still have a majority of the items left. youre just cheap and impossible to deal with so i bid you farewell and ask that you please remove yourself from my threads and keep youre snyde comments to yourself.
  9. coral colonies for sale mainly zoas

    dont believe i ever talked to you about a pistol. or any gun for that matter considering i never said i wanted a pistol. but whatever
  10. coral colonies for sale mainly zoas

    shit. i had some of those too. but i wont be trying to get ahold of any more any time soon
  11. i have a few things im looking for new or used as long as they are in good condition a complete innovative marine nuvo 16. 2 vortech mp40s a reef octopus xp1000ss i have some really nice corals to trade, mostly rare zoas. http://www.nano-reef.com/topic/318971-coral-colonies-for-sale-mainly-zoas/ if youre interested in working something out you can text 321-323-4525 or email 06gixx@gmail.com you can pm me here as well but i may not be a quick to respond thanks guys!