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  1. Yeah some new things have happened, I will post later!
  2. ehhh they're alright, nothing cool other than them being on the back glass. i want to configure them so they can have more pull on the sides of the overflow box where the dead spots are on each side. i run them at constant speed on 6 dots, but im going to set them up to run reefcrest today
  3. iPhone

    Mp10 QD

  4. Nice!They are still fairly new on the market but in a year or two everyone will have them. I've already seen a few for sale on Craigslist,someone was selling a 250 couple weeks back for $600 but someone beat me to it. Do you have a build thread?
  5. iPhone

    Mp10 QD

  6. iPhone

    Mp10 QD

  7. got these two today! put them on the back glass so now all 3 sides of glass are free of mp10's
  8. iPhone

    Mp10 QD

    Vortech mp10QD non wireless. manufature date: September 25, 2015 used for 3-4 months at 40% - 50% everything is in great shape other than the dry side, while I was attaching velcro to the controller one of the velcro strips fell and got onto the dry side and left glue residue on it and i attempted to wipe it off but nothing worked so i used some goo gone and some of the matte finish got removed from the dry side. its a little ugly but hey, its an mp10 and it works.if you mount it with the cord facing down its not noticeable. $195 shipped
  9. here are some updated pics, tank is doing alright. Been fighting some cyano these last few days, turned up intensity on my prime and now cyano is everywhere and sps are mad. picking up a second mp10 and possibly going bare bottom. If anyone wants to get rid of their im minimax reactors in the midsize size let me know!
  10. iPhone

    Lawnman's Red Sea Reefer 170

    nice,more pics of fuge lol!
  11. went to try to snap a few pics of some storm clouds in my area but it didn't really go so well,so heres the car.
  12. yeah they're great at fixing warranty related issues. what issues were you having with your tank?
  13. contacted red sea this morning for the 100th time. they're sending me a new return pipe along with a bucket of coral pro salt for the inconveniences I've been having. they have outstanding customer service!
  14. iPhone

    RedSea Reefer 170 Build

    thats what my issue is currently,was the pipe that screws into the overflow box leaking or was the the barbed hose connection that was leaking?
  15. iPhone

    Ninja's Red Sea Reefer 350

    just went through the whole thread,awesome! nice sofa btw