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  1. iPhone

    selling some stuff

    27 shipped for each reactor
  2. iPhone

    selling some stuff

    Carbon/gfo sold Reactors 50 shipped
  3. iPhone

    Best Mac application for reefing?

    android is garbage.
  4. iPhone

    Thoughts on new Tunze nano top off?

    i rather spend 100 more for the elos that thing looks flimsy
  5. iPhone

    Naked 30 JBJ Rimless

    great looking aquascape.
  6. iPhone

    Arkayology's Rimless 40g

    MOOOAOR PICS i love your tank
  7. iPhone

    selling some stuff

    test kits and supplements sold
  8. iPhone

    selling some stuff

    $55 shipped for the tlf reactors
  9. iPhone

    Is my duncan sick?

    damn i once had a 50+ head colony of duncans and they were open all the time.weird.
  10. iPhone

    💥The Bad News Bar & Spirit Lounge💥

    does he have some nice looking corals? i was always tempted to buy stuff from him on ebay but then i realized like a quarter of his pics aren't wysiwyg,and then i realized the pics arent even his when i saw tenor's pic on there. he has some nice stuff though.
  11. iPhone

    selling some stuff

    pm's responded to. i will look for the vials today@rkum19 no sorry,the purple up is sold already.
  12. iPhone

    BRS 75GPD RO/DI unit for sale!

    what an idiot