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  1. Light still available. $160 and shipped this week.
  2. Bump! Dropping price to $160 shipped for the weekend! Buy my light .
  3. Bump! Hope you're having a great day!
  4. Greetings reefers! I have an AI Sol Blue that has been sitting in my fish closet for a couple of months now that I want to sell to one of you fine people. Perfect working condition and has no damage to the light housing. It includes the AI controller that can be used to program ramp cycles and what not, the data cable for the controller, and the power adapter. I do not have a hanging kit for the fixture as I adapted it for use on my current light. Looking to fetch $180 shipped for this blue beauty. Paypal gift or you front the 4% fee (which works out to be $7.20). Not looking for trades as I have already replaced the fixture over my setup. Will consider offers close to asking price. I did thoroughly clean any salt creep off of the lenses and housing when I took it down, so it is spic-n-span. Please PM if interested, with prospective shipping zip code so I can double check my shipping cost. Only looking to ship within the lower 48 states. -Eco
  5. Very well deserved! Congrats!
  6. Bangaii's are so beautiful to photograph as well. They are graceful swimmers.
  7. Beautiful! And 6-8 at a time? Impressive haha.