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  1. FS: Aqua Illumination Sol Blue

    Light still available. $160 and shipped this week.
  2. FS: Aqua Illumination Sol Blue

    Bump! Dropping price to $160 shipped for the weekend! Buy my light .
  3. FS: Aqua Illumination Sol Blue

    Bump! Hope you're having a great day!
  4. Greetings reefers! I have an AI Sol Blue that has been sitting in my fish closet for a couple of months now that I want to sell to one of you fine people. Perfect working condition and has no damage to the light housing. It includes the AI controller that can be used to program ramp cycles and what not, the data cable for the controller, and the power adapter. I do not have a hanging kit for the fixture as I adapted it for use on my current light. Looking to fetch $180 shipped for this blue beauty. Paypal gift or you front the 4% fee (which works out to be $7.20). Not looking for trades as I have already replaced the fixture over my setup. Will consider offers close to asking price. I did thoroughly clean any salt creep off of the lenses and housing when I took it down, so it is spic-n-span. Please PM if interested, with prospective shipping zip code so I can double check my shipping cost. Only looking to ship within the lower 48 states. -Eco
  5. Mr. Microscope

    Very well deserved! Congrats!
  6. Thanks! I've been very happy given that I have not been giving this tank much attention over the last few months. I didn't even change the water for 8 weeks just with how my work life has been. Tank didn't seem to mind too much, which surprised me. Once I saw my purple torch retracting I knew that I need to change the water haha. This lead to the whole revamp of the tank and I'm happy with the results. Which brings me to another update. Last Sunday when most of this took place, I started dosing sugar as a means to rapidly drop my nitrates as I have not had the means to make a 50% or larger water change. I've dosed a 1/8th tsp every other day since Sunday and have seen them drop from 160ppm to around 40ppm as of Thursday. I will continue until it is around 10ppm and resume water changes to beat the rest. Everything in the tank looks much more full and happy than I've seen it in a long time.
  7. Just a shot of some random zoa's I got for dirt cheap from a LFS a few months back. Paid $20.00 for it and the polyp count has almost doubled.
  8. Coupon for $20.15 off your order!

    MD just won the internet by posting an Aqua Teen gif. Nice jobs, guys.

    I would love for you to surprise me! I want it for my classroom, as I teach 3rd grade math and science. The kids have been begging for a classroom pet, and I would love for it to be a softy and zoa setup with a goby. Great opportunity to get your name out there by doing this giveaway! Kudos, friend!
  10. NEED a Cadlights 34 gallon mini basket.

    Everyone that has posted on this is getting a big e-hug from me. No homo, unless you're into that.
  11. Tinpan's HQI 29

    Great build! Quick question, what do you have your vega set for as far is your maximum percentages during a photo period? Everything looks fantastic!
  12. RollaJase's 30G Custom Cube - Tank Torn Down

    Are you still running the same lighting schedule and percentages listed in the first few pages? We have very similar schedules.
  13. Long overdue update. Tank is doing super well! Trying to purchase a new camera soon so I can stop posting shameful iPhone photos. Currently housing a green clown goby that my fiancé wouldn't let me leave the lfs without and a yellow candy hogfish. Have some watermelon zoas and something else that the guy at the lfs thought was a rhodactis, but I'm not so sure after having it for a few weeks. Anyways, pictures to come soon, and I hope all of your tanks are doing well too!
  14. SouthReef -- Bye bye Red Planet!

    Yeah it is slightly on the pricy side compared to what you can find locally.