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  1. New 46L Fluval Edge

    Happy New Year everyone!!! Hi, both my Fluval Edge 46L aquariums came with the extension tubes I'm afraid...are you in the UK? I had to email them as I couldn't find a phone number - but they did reply to email query I sent them (along with the usual survey "how did we do?" questionnaire afterwards ). I've added some blue LED strips (which allow Photosynthesis / are actinic). It now has some life - no fish yet; I've got a couple of largish tube / fan worms (which I love) and 3 Corals. There's also a small Hermit (red legged) plus a "Turbo Snail". I've also picked up a couple of hitch hikers - probably off the Corals; a small Brittle Starfish (really small - like tiny) and also; every now and again, I kept noticing a jet of mucky water coming from somewhere, it would always happen just as I was looking away from the tank - I narrowed it down and beneath the Mushroom Coral - lo and behold - there's a Clam as well! The other two Corals are a (Rose?) Leather Coral (far left in the pic) and I forget the type of the 3rd / final one (you can see it in the middle of the tank - looking a little droopy - maybe a "Finger Leather"?- but more about him later). The Coral have literally just gone in, day before yesterday along with the Hermit & the Snail - so all except for the one I can't remember the name of - seem to be doing well and look happy. The other one is a little droopy yet (but its polyps are all out though and responds to food - "Reef Feed") but the LFS said that'd be about a week before that was standing up tall & proud again. We have a lovely little Clown reserved at the LFS - which looks a little like a Picasso Clown - but it's aparently just a regular one. I liked it's colouring personally - so he/she is paid for and will be coming home pending a +ve water test prior to next Friday some time. He may be joined a few days later, when the filter catches up, by a Shrimp plus maybe 1-2 more - a week or 2 later (an Allens Damsel and a goby?). By the way, my Tropical 46L Edge is well underway but not quite as advanced as the Marine - it has a Co2 unit in there for the plants, the plants obviously, a bit of bog-wood and 2 Leopard Danios to kick the cycle off. This tank should be ready for the community in about anther week or so (adding fish 1 by 1 couple of days apart) - this is off topic anyway - so less of this! Will need to add some more live rock to the Marine tank soonish, everything resides in the bottom 3rd of the tank - & could do with the additional filtration and moving things higher. Water tests are odd in this tank - my Nitrate level doesn't seem to want to get below 40ppm - maybe a little less if I'm strict with the colour chart - I suspect that's because I don't have a protein skimmer or a sump filtration system...? Am thinking of adding some more ceramic beads into the filter - and pulling the Carbon matt out, which is overdue coming out anyway really (they only sat a month in an Edge). I understand that the carbon filters out valuable nutrients that Corals and invertebrates require - so I've been supplementing the water with a Kent Marine additive. I don't have any experience of Marine tanks before this tank - but form the lack of experience I do have - I can't speak highly enough of the salt I'm using - I'm certain it's better than the cheaper alternatives - its "Red Sea Coral Pro Salt". Anyway, better stop waffling! Pic attached...I know it's not looking great (& pathetic compared to you experienced mariners - but it's a start for me anyways!). Sorry Stoops718, just noticed you're in Queens, NY
  2. New 46L Fluval Edge

    I haven't removed any extensions? They're still in there. I recommend having them - because otherwise, the uptake of water is taken very close to the water pouring in exiting the filtration if you see what I mean?Surely it's better to pull water further away from water that just been filtered. You should def. have had the additional tubing. My other 46L is being delivered tomorrow (which will be Tropical) - I'll let you know here if that one has the additional tubing - but I'm certain it should have - as my 1st one did. I've used some insulation tape around the edge of the light lens - to hopefully seal up salty-humidity getting at the LED circuit board - in an attempt to stop any LED burnouts. Noticed a tiny thread like worm - like human-hair thin - white almost transparent wriggling around on the inside of the glass. Am hoping it's not detrimental!
  3. New 46L Fluval Edge

    Yes, I got mine just as you see...I actually expected one long one rather than the 3 peices I got. Since putting that live rock in, I'm starting to see signs of life. I think they're Chitons! Sort of small grub-like things, slightly hairy. There's also what looks like a tiny anemone-like thing and some tiny sponges or something - but I'd say they look more like teenage spots at the moment . I think they might be "tube coral" after looking at the web....
  4. New 46L Fluval Edge

    Ooo any pics please? What lights are you going for? (don't abbreviate names - I'll never have heard of any and so won't get the abbreviations - especially if not available over here in the UK!). The 42 LED's seem very bright and are, I believe just short of 8000k (maybe 7600 to 8300). Do you know if these will be sufficient for low-light-requiring Corals? Noob question sorry! Thanks
  5. New 46L Fluval Edge

    Thanks for the reply - Unsure what happened to the original 1st poster? Seems to have vanished! Well, I was back at the (same) store today to pick up some air valves (for another Fluval 46L Tropical I'm starting) and yet another guy who worked there, suggested that it really would be better to have a piece of live rock in there?? So anyway after great (interesting) discussion, we went ahead & picked out a 5-6 week old (cured in the store) piece - which weight 3.4kg - which cost £43 which is maybe $80 u.s. (I thought this was expensive) - which I checked to ensure it'd fit through that small gap in the Edge! So the tanks's 3-4 days in now - here's a picture, complete with it's new live rock... What do you think? BTW, I rate the Fluval "E" heaters - I have 2 x E50's - the temperature computer is very sensitive and tells you if the tank gets too warm or too cool or even if there's low a flow around the heating section of the heater. It's instantly and visually noticeable if there's an issue, for example; it'll flash green & blue if it senses the temp gets cooler than 1c of tolerance or (a couple degrees Fahrenheit - which it can also be set to - if preferred). Alternatively, it'll flash green and red if the temp gets too warm than set. Highly recommended. I read poor reviews of the Fluval Edge heater prior to purchase - that's its heating tolerances were too wide +/-5 degrees before it reacted, hence buying the E-type. Anyway - less of me . . thoughts?
  6. Hi all, 1st post! I've done some reading and had been thinking for some years to have a nano reef at some point. My plan was always to have a small tank, with 1-2 fish, rock and some low light requiring corals & a cleanup crew. When I saw the Edge and further, other YouTube videos of the 23L version of the Edge being employed somewhat successfully, I thought that now was finally the time. So, the lps/lfs (here in the UK) said I should get some live rock into the tank ASAP, once I had the tank set-up with temp ph, salinity, sand etc. So, 2 days later, I'm there to buy a token peice of live rock, i guess to introduce some Bacteria to the more or less sterile aquarium. Someone else in same store advises No! Just leave it with your filter (& reef pump) with lights off for a month with nothing in there (except the non-live Coral sand they'd suggested I buy - which I'd subsequently used in the set-up 2 days earlier). So, I suspect the latter guy is right but am surprised at the radically opposing advice the noob can get when 1st starting out. Regardless, what do you guys think? Should I really just ignore the tank now for a month? Don't get me wrong, I'm not impatient - the month is quite fine, I just want to ensure I do this the right way. Thanks all