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  1. Spine is poisonous but they are very docile. The spine is basically protection from being swallowed. They are so mellow, I nudge mine into position when I need to shoot photos. You don't see to many because they are hard to feed. It can be difficult to train them on dead food. I feed mine live brine until they got used to frozen mysis.
  2. bottom and low rocks
  3. A great nano-reef companion. I had mine for over two years.
  4. One of my favorite fish for the nano-reef. Hardy and small, the Pygmy Waspfish is a beautiful and interesting reef resident. I've had mine for close to two years.
  5. I've had my Pygmy Waspfish for two years now. It's grown considerable in that time and now it looks like it's carrying a large egg mass. I guess it's a female.
  6. Here is the requested tank info. - 40g breeder (36x18x16) - 4x36" Current T5 fixture with ATI Blue Plus, GE 6500 and ATI Aquablue bulbs - B-ionic two-part, 200ml per week and small amounts of Iron and Iodine supplements - 5 gallon water change per week with Tropic Marin salt - 15 gallon sump. No sock (got tired of cleaning it), Bubble-Magus NAC6 skimmer, small GAC reactor and ball of chaeto with LED light. (I rarely run the skimmer and the GAC reactor at the same time. To much skimming and GAC makes the xenias unhappy). - Tunze Silence return pump . I run the return pump at the lowest setting, about 250 gph. I find a slow flow through my sump improves skimmer production and saves energy. - (2) Koralia nano 400 in tank for flow (more random flow would be nice) - I feed my fish and corals twice a day. I feed PE mysis, cyclop-eeze and brine shrimp. I usually turn my return pump off for an hour and let the food circulate through my tank to feed my corals. I target feed PE mysis to my larger LPS corals. The Xenia are the only corals in the tank that show no feeding behavior. I suspect their dependance on dissolved nutrients makes them sensitive to heavy filtration.
  7. I'll post some more tank info shortly.
  8. Here is a close up photo of the Sarcophyton, Goniopora and the Nepthea. http://azarmi.com/reef/reef-11-7-11-detail.jpg
  9. Cladiella sp. (colt coral) on the far right. I've ordered a new Lee-mar 140g (40x40x22). I have two smaller tanks and the corals have out grown both. I definitely need the space.
  10. Thanks for the comments. I'm running (4) T5 36" fixture with (front to back) ATI Blue Plus, ATI Aquablue Special, GE 6500, ATI Aquablue Special. I run the ATI Blue plus and GE (12) hours and the (2) Aquablue Specials for (6) hours. I've also used (2) Aqua Blue Plus and (2) GE 6500 with similar results.
  11. My 40g breeder reef aquarium. The tank is a little over 2 years old. I'll be moving the corals to a larger tank this winter, so here is my first and last post on nano-reefs. SPS seems to be all the craze today, but I really enjoy the beautiful shapes and movements of soft corals. I've found that the feeding requirements, flow rates, and water conditions for soft corals, clams and LPS corals complement each other nicely.