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  1. Marine Bettas

    Thanks GHill762 Ive been reading some folks back in 2010 breeding them and they just stopped after thator fell off the map.Im not Knocking S.A they have wonderfull fish.But I was wondering about the Average folks.
  2. Marine Bettas

    Anyone successfully breeding these in captivity at home??.Will you be willing to share with us how you got them to bred and how you raised the hatchlings?
  3. Can you have 2 female clowns in 1 tank

    yes they are the only clowns in the tank
  4. was going to buy a GSM and an Occe.Was told they were both female and in the same 75g tank.Is this possiable they been in same tank over a year now
  5. Pickle's N-R Breeders Lounge

    What are you feed the young clowns.Anything to help promote growth?Color ect?
  6. Feeding Clown's

    Just wanted to know what everybody was feeding there clowns..What feed brings out colors what makes them grow faster?
  7. Bootes's Clownfish (kind of) Breeding Thread

    How do you find out when petco has the dollar a gallon sale?
  8. Can I use a 12 gallon nano for housing a mated pair of percs?I will do 20% w/c twice a week
  9. What kind of ClownFish is this?

    Now Im really confused
  10. What kind of ClownFish is this?

    ok this should be better had to get the nikon out and get 15 shots per seconds but still had a PITA of a time
  11. How do you get good pictures of these guys?
  12. Bootes's Clownfish (kind of) Breeding Thread

    which one did you get???
  13. Bootes's Clownfish (kind of) Breeding Thread

    whats a decent refractomometer? For a working mans price..
  14. Anyone in Pembroke Pines, Fl?

    anyone with paired or mated clowns for sale??
  15. nanocustoms hood for JBJ 12 gal. DX

    is that with shipping?