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  1. Great tank. Where did you put your dimmers? I'm thinking of redoing my lighting and getting the drivers inside the hood instead of having them in the cabinet.
  2. Clayalaleona's Nanomonster

    If you like Zoas we've got a bunch of good ones between my and like 2-3 other tanks up here in west palm
  3. PM'd about the probe holder.
  4. Zoa ID Help?

    No luck yet I see.
  5. Zoa ID Help?

    Hey everyone I was wondering if anyone knew if some of these corals in my tank actually had names. It's easy for me to know the names of "Fruitloops" "Hornets" "Darth Mauls" act. But Im just wondering if the cheaper ones I picked up along the way have names at all. Seeing as they are growing like weeds and I'm going to start letting them go. Thanks in advance for taking a peek everyone. #1 #2 #3 #4

    I posted about it first.

    willing to part the second PC4, SL1, and PH probe? I have the basic need the additional. Send me a PM. Thanks either way.
  8. Orange Chalice

    I've seen that called tinker bell chalice.
  9. [FS] AquaMaxx HOB-1 Skimmer $125 TYD

    In box cleaned. Thanks. PM away
  10. Need some advice on moonlights!

    What should I be typing into Ebay to get frag glue for .10 cents a tube? lol
  11. Cree LED kits two 18x1.4'' strings 100$ ea

    Can you PM me some pictures of them? Looking to upgrade the lighting in my 29 Biocube while still looking stock
  12. FML lol Anyone else selling LEDs? Anyone... Anyone at all.
  13. If it doesnt happen I'm still here waiting to buy the LEDs. lol
  14. Hey Bro tried messaging you back. Dont know if you got my one earlier today. And now it says your mailbox is full. Drop me a line.
  15. repost

    can you post pics? or pm them? lol