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  1. Dan's RSM 130D

    Here is a little photo update!! Millepora Trachyphyllia Bubble Mushrooms Zoas Tiny Green Montipora Acropora Sp. Blue Tip Montipora Confusa Hystrix Montipora Green Purple Euphyllia Green Chalice with Blue Eyes Frogspawn at the back Red Chalice FTS
  2. Rio Grande Twins

    New light looks incredible! I love the shimmer these things give! Look forward to watching your tank develop with these LED's We both started our tanks at relatively the same time, will be interesting to see how growth rates vary. I'm sure yours will be much greater, but wonder by how much. Will follow with interest. All the best!
  3. Dan's RSM 130D

    New Addition! I have been looking for a nice little goby to go in my tank, and found a nice little specimen, and I had to take it! Court Jester Goby (Amblygobius rainfordi) Acclimatising I tried to get a better picture today. When I was blasting the rocks to get rid of the detritus, he came out so I apologise for the rubbish in the water. He is a really beautiful fish, and greedy too! He was munching away at some mysis this morning and even pecked at some flake this afternoon. When the water has settled and I finally get my DSLR back up and running, ill get some better pics. Thanks for looking.
  4. Dan's RSM 130D

    I think they are quite common over here. I have been told by quite a few people they are one of the best all round snails, eating the greatest variety. They are doing a good job in my tank.
  5. Dan's RSM 130D

    So I got my critter shipment a few hours ago and very pleased! Thought id take a few photos, so here you are. Really well insulated! Floating the bags. 6 x Spiny Astrea Snails 2 x True Peppermints Small Zoa frag I have got the Peppermints to help to me rid of the aiptasia that have pretty much infested my tank. Tried Aiptasia X with little success, so I am trying a more biological approach. Hope they do the job!
  6. Double Vortech & Radion 60g Cube

    If your going to do it, then do it properly! I like it! Good luck and will be watching your progress!
  7. Rio Grande Twins

    Wow!! That didn't take too long did it! Congratulations on the Radion, i've seen one of these up and running and they are phenomenal, don't think you'll be disappointed! Your tank should look insane in a few months of growth with those lights. I think I might have to not read your thread anymore - too tempting! All the best and keep us informed on your transition!
  8. Dan's RSM 130D

    I did have a really nice dendro when I first started out a few years ago, however when it wasn't looking good after around 6 weeks, with twice a day feeding, I gave it to a friend who keeps alot of NPS corals specifically and it was went back to its former glory! I really want a nice piece of Montipora, something unusual! If I was go to down the montipora route, I would definitely have either plating or encrusting. Do you have any ideas? 6 weeks or so ago, I had some problems with my mac and lost 12 months of data! I was going to add a recent picture of previous tank, but the closest I can find is it a picture around a year before I downgraded. The green staghorn grew like wildfire in that tank!! Picture was taken under 10K Halides so colours look slightly washed out but you get the idea!
  9. Dan's RSM 130D

    Yea I think It was a success i think! If I had left it for much longer I think I would have lost the whole colony. It's now at the same height as the Hystrix, so im hoping it wil be okay! I would personally stay away from Dendros. They need constant feeding and will usually not end well. Sun Corals however, they tend to be more manageable with target feeding been able to sustain them. I am considering a getting a small sun coral frag, but at the moment I dont think I will as I dont want to add too much food into the tank with such a small about of water, relatively speaking. If you were to go down the NPS route, a nice black sun coral would look awesome in your tank in my opinion!
  10. Dan's RSM 130D

    Today has not been a good reefkeeping day for me! My favourite coral, my echinopora lamellosa colony, has not being doing so well in this tank. It was too low in my RSM I think, and could only save a small frag. My poor lamellosa colony Out came the chopping board! and.........my tiny little frags! I think the light should be bright enough where I have placed it at the back of the tank. However on a small plus side, I now have room for another coral where it used to be. Im thinking a nice large piece of encrusting montipora, or any usual montipora. Open to suggestions if anyone has any ideas what would look good, doesnt have to be montipora! Also, just my a 10% weekly water change, so needless to say my tank isnt in the happiest of moods at the moment!
  11. Rio Grande Twins

    You look like you have added some really smart corals! You have much greater choice over there in the US, and the prices are much better too! Also love the zoa rock that you have made! what kind of rock did you use to make it? Btw I have always been told that catalaphyllia jardinei prefer to be on the substrate - maybe a point worth consideration. Anychance of a full tank shot?
  12. Dan's RSM 130D

  13. Dan's RSM 130D

    Well I have had my tank up and running for one month now! So far I am really enjoying this tank, and there are no real negatives so far. I'm sure as the tank progresses I will find certain things that could be improved. All of my corals are happy under the lighting, apart from the echinopora lamellosa which is either struggling with the low lighting compared to my previous halides, or it is changing colour as I have heard this can happen. Either way I am watching it closely as I don't want to loose this piece. I feel like I want to add some more fish, but I really am unsure at the moment. I dont want anything too big that will add large amounts to the bio load, or too territorial and annoy my clownfish. I have my eyes peeled to find a nice suitable addition. Anyway, I want to try and add a picture each month to show its natural progression. Hope you like! January Full Tank Shot Side View Thanks for looking!
  14. Maureen & Jon's Red Sea Max 130D

    Your tank looks great! Excellent aquascape and the colours look brilliant. Look forward to watching this tank develop.
  15. Rio Grande Twins

    Did you try putting the MP10 in the electrical box or are you happy with it where it is? Tank is looking good and like your new additions. How about a recent FTS?