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  1. Bump, pricing reduced. I should also mention, all of the live rock is still in the tank and would go along with this if wanted. To be clear though, there is bubble algae and aptasia currently.
  2. Hey all, It has been a long time since I've been here, but the time has come to sell the tank. I'm selling the full setup (equipment listed below). The original tank can be seen here: http://www.nano-reef.com/topic/300172-angler-away-wartskin-macro-tank/ Equipment List: Tank: 24x24x14 AIO (Made by John @ Advance Acrylics).Lighting:Deep Blue Solar Xtreme 24x4 (I have an extra bulb or two)Heater:Eheim Jager TruTemp 200 WattReturn Pump:Maxi-jet Pro 900Water Flow:MP10esTop Off:AVAST ATO with Aqua-Lifter PumpStand:PicsSkimmer:Pico Skimmer from Pico AquariumsIn addition, any extra equipment I have laying around, you can have as well. For the full setup, I'm looking to get $500 OBO. Would prefer not to part this out and really would like to avoid shipping. If it comes to that, I'll address at that time. Reply here or PM me with any offers.
  3. Angler Away! - Wartskin Macro Tank

    Decided to give him a treat today. Make sure to watch in HD:
  4. Angler Away! - Wartskin Macro Tank

    Thanks . He is so cool to watch! Thank you. Sorry to hear about your sisters . They are very neat fish. Thanks! I have purchased live sand to replace the existing substrate with. Just haven't gotten around to swapping it out yet Awesome angler! It is crazy how they can eat nearly anything! I gave mine a molly a few weeks ago and he devoured it! I try to be sure not to give him anything too big as it can cause issues if they cannot digest it all the way.
  5. Angler Away! - Wartskin Macro Tank

    Got in another shipment of Ghost Shrimp and man were there some larger ones this time. Managed to snap a quick video of the feeding:
  6. Doh! Completely missed this thread. If you have any more, please let me know as I could use them in my 55g. They'd need shipped to 44145.
  7. Angler Away! - Wartskin Macro Tank

    So good news.... Everything seems to be back to normal. After I got done with the diatom issue, I was plagued with a Hair Algae Outbreak. Tossed in a few snails and an emerald (haven't seen him since but I don't think he was eaten) and all is well. There seem to be a few bubble algae here and there but I just remove it as I see it. So all in all, things seem back to normal. Here are updated pics: I had to remove a lot of the Red Grape as it was plagued with Hair Algae. I'm hopeful it will continue to grow healthy now. Warty has been out and about more and more and seems to be much happier now too. He got a special treat last week (live Molly) and is doing quite well!
  8. Angler Away! - Wartskin Macro Tank

    Crappy iPhone pic, but he was out and about today and I haven't posted a pic in quite awhile
  9. WTB AC70

    I think I might have one at home lying around. Let me check when I get off work and I'll let ya know.
  10. Angler Away! - Wartskin Macro Tank

    Lol. That is what my plan is. My bagged live sand (40lb bag) is in my office ready to go. The plan is as follows: Bring in very large round plastic tub Drain water from tank into tub Move rocks and macros in tub Remove substrate into a different bucket Put live sand into tank Put half of tank water back in Put 50% new water (water change) in Scrub rocks clean Put racks and Macros back in Oh...and of course within there is remove Warty and put him in the tub too.
  11. Angler Away! - Wartskin Macro Tank

    A few days now and things still look good. No more diatom breakout! Hooray! Now to deal with this GHA outbreak and back to normal. Still thinking of replacing sand though.
  12. Awesome pics and very cool little guys. Hit me up when you are looking to send them off. I can use them in my 55g. They'd be quite happy there with some of the nastys that are growing.
  13. I was (and may still be) battling a very similar thing. Mine would come everyday a few hours after the light were on, and then clear up after the lights went out and it starved. From what I found, it would appear I had extra silicates in my system. I recently added chaeto and purigen and that seemed to help. Have you tried a water change yet?
  14. Angler Away! - Wartskin Macro Tank

    Quick update: The other week I did a water change. After that, things still continued to brown up (was still getting the diatoms). I then decided to make two small changes: 1. Added some chaeto the system 2. Added purigen to the system It has been in there for almost a week now and things are starting to look better. In fact, the lights have been on normal today and so far not even a hint of diatoms. Here's hoping this is finally beat. On a sad note, I did loose another macro with all of this. My red titan = no more . On another note, I now have quite the hair algae outbreak going on. Thinking I might need to pick up a turbo or emerald?