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  1. Bump, pricing reduced. I should also mention, all of the live rock is still in the tank and would go along with this if wanted. To be clear though, there is bubble algae and aptasia currently.
  2. Hey all, It has been a long time since I've been here, but the time has come to sell the tank. I'm selling the full setup (equipment listed below). The original tank can be seen here: Equipment List: Tank: 24x24x14 AIO (Made by John @ Advance Acrylics).Lighting:Deep Blue Solar Xtreme 24x4 (I have an extra bulb or two)Heater:Eheim Jager TruTemp 200 WattReturn Pump:Maxi-jet Pro 900Water Flow:MP10esTop Off:AVAST ATO with Aqua-Lifter PumpStand:PicsSkimmer:Pico Skimmer from Pico AquariumsIn addition, any extra equipment I have laying around, you can have as well. For the full setup, I'm looking to get $500 OBO. Would prefer not to part this out and really would like to avoid shipping. If it comes to that, I'll address at that time. Reply here or PM me with any offers.
  3. Awesome! His eyes look evil. Any idea on exact species or how big he'll get?
  4. Thanks! Big Bad Bob (as my almost 2yr old calls him) loves that RBTA. Never leaves it except to eat.
  5. This was taken right after he was attacked by my Tiger Pistol Shrimp. Almost put the caption as "Oh what a world what a world..."
  6. Up close and personal with a Turbo Snail!