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  1. I got google, did you read the title? All of it? I'm looking for real life feedback, not for some review that may or may not be paid by the producer or by one of the various distributors. There's just one topic on an aussie forum and some guys promised feedback but never delivered it
  2. Hi guys, I'm contemplating the idea to switch to ATI "Coral Ocean Plus" salt but it appears I cannot find any real life feedback from the reefing community. Is anyone here already using this salt ? And if yes does he/she care to share some impressions and maybe test results? thanks a lot.
  3. In theory yes. Practically, as I mentioned, I want to use the generator for the entire house. This means a lot of applications that cannot be runned directly from a generatpr that doesn't produce "pure" sinewave. So I'd have to purchase either another 2-3 1000-1500VA UPS's or a generator that produces "pure" sinewave. The second solution just seems more cost-effective.
  4. The generator would hold the entire house, not just the tank
  5. Chiller pump question

    If that's the case, obviously I didn't. But tbh the OP only mentioned the pump being controlled by the RKL.
  6. Chiller pump question

    HUH? Why would the chiller turn on if no pump is running the water trough it? Unless you're planning to manually turn on the chiller every time, your question doesn't make sense.
  7. I have a 1400VA APC since 2005 I need a generator because during the last year I had two power outages that lasted more then 12 hours each.
  8. There are several reasons but the most important is that I want to buy a backup generator. So it's either a DC pump or a very expensive "pure sinewave" generator.
  9. Still looking for feedback on the Waveline DC pumps.
  10. I'm working on a silent setup, with the sump placed in the basement. I think the DC10000 is out. But I'm totally unable to find any feedback on it.
  11. Didn't realised I was asking such a hard question
  12. I must say from the start that I'm not interested in spending top dollar on Red Dragons (which are basically Askoll pumps with fancy cases) or anything similary priced. However I'm looking for a good DC recirculation pump so I can set up a backup system for my saltwater aquarium. It has to be saltwater safe (of course) and I'd very much preffer something capable of lifting at least 1000l/h at 3meters head. What would be the current options that I have? Thank you in advance for your advice
  13. Is this some sort of stomatella?

    I looked with a torch as close as I could. I still cannot say if it has a shell or not (sometimes it looks like it does, sometimes it looks like it doesn't lol). However it definitelly has a head which looks worm-ish (think butterfly larvae or something like that), with 2 little horns/antennas/whatever in front and two bigger horns on the "neck". Didn't pulled it, you guys probably wrote while I was looking at it already. I'll try to pull it tomorrow, if I can find it again that is.
  14. Is this some sort of stomatella?

    Do flatworms have horns? I really can't tell if it has any shell, just looked again. It's in the bucket with a good 15 cm of water above it, not in a glass tank.