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  1. too many? or alright?

    the goby is a tangaroa. We're redoing our basement, and part of that remodel will be a larger reef tank. I'm liking the 56g column, but i'm still searching for the perfect size. Once that is all set up the 12g will be a quarantine tank.
  2. too many? or alright?

    I've currently got two clowns, a goby, and a cleaner shrimp. I'm looking to pick up a pistol shrimp, but have also been considering an emerald crab to handle a wee bit of bubble algae. would this be an issue? This is for a 12g nano cube that has been going for a year now. plenty of crevices for things to hide.
  3. Amateur Reef Memes

    don't feel too bad... it was more or less directed at everyone
  4. Amateur Reef Memes

  5. Salmon

    her adoration for the Palin family is extremely creepy and unsettling.
  6. May 2012 Reef Profile - Gena

    could you describe upgrading the lighting? why did you choose the magenta module? how did you go about installing them? any pictures of the lighting setup itself? i went to my LFS hoping to pick some up, sadly they don't stock them... so i'll be ordering them online this week. but i've already got the maxi-jet 600 and rotating flow head, really cool device that flow head.
  7. Z's and P's

    great packaging! zoas are mostly opened and looking great. can't wait to see these guys take off
  8. May 2012 Reef Profile - Gena

    amazing tank, very inspirational. going to be following your foot steps a wee bit for my own 12g nano-cube, as far as some upgrades are concerned.
  9. Am I being difficult?

    it's not even correct... it's supposed to be "1st world problem"
  10. Z's and P's

    heyo i'd like the pink, a blue hornet, a red hornet (2 polyp), a captain america (1 polyp), a small yellow/orange zoe,and a rastas! any way you can work out a deal? let me know, interested in placing my order today.
  11. WTB small assortment of zoa frags

    bump, still looking for someone to supply me with a few different types of zoas on plugs or discs or small rocks or whatever. trying to get a good mix up going on
  12. not looking for anything specific or large. looking to add more zoas to my tank over a specific area, however everything i'm finding at LFS' are larger rocks and i can't fit those in my tank, so would love some frags and little bits to stick here and there. and easier to keep items would be super nice. would like to spend around $50, and shipped to 19053. thanks
  13. Amateur Reef Memes

  14. Amateur Reef Memes

    as an internet myself, these are horrible and don't quite fit w/ the character of the memes
  15. I've been storing the frozen stuff in the freezer, obviously; however, i'm noticing a lot of ice crystals on things or freezer burn on other things. how are people storing their frozen food? i've purchased live brine shrimp and am wondering what else i could feed my tank. how does one keep this live food viable for more than a few days w/o having a tank for said food? my brine shrimp is still in the bag i purchased them in, which smells... so probably getting dumped despite there being living shrimp in there.