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  1. Meepduino: 2.0 RELEASED!

    Been a while since any activity on this, but i am having a crack. I am wondering which wiring diagram to follow when focused on lighting?
  2. Blasto

  3. Little Lawnmower

  4. Side shot atm

  5. Bigtys 100ltr Custom

    The little lobo
  6. Lobo Landscape

  7. Bigtys 100ltr Custom

    Got a clean up crew top up today Micro Seahare-6 Pack 1 Paper snail-6 Pack 1 Filter sponge ES09 1 Algae snails-Turbo 10 Micro stars-10 Pack 1
  8. Bigtys 100ltr Custom

    Thanks Haha I have no idea. I thought so aswell, cant really call it the green machine anymore though lol
  9. Acan

  10. Acan

  11. Bigtys 100ltr Custom

    My little acan has changed color lol 05 / March Taken today
  12. Update on the green machine

    Oh how my little acan has changed
  13. Bigtys 100ltr Custom

    This tank has been set up since January. Everything came from an old 10gal. Thanks for enjoying Had a little shoot tonight Got this monti about 2 weeks ago Picked this and the birds nest in the background up for $20 on a facebook lucky dip on friday. Is a bit bleached on the back side but see how it goes. My fiance has named this little guy Coby lol. Always out watching me taking pics. Update of my multi head scolly.
  14. Clown Goby

    Hanging out watching the photo shoot